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Pay the bonus of R$1,100 released today (20);  Get to know the right holder and see the PIS 2021 schedule

Pay the bonus of R$1,100 released today (20); Get to know the right holder and see the PIS 2021 schedule

In September this year, 2021 PIS calendar It is still available to workers in the private sector.

PASEP stands for PIS, however, it is intended for civil servants. Interest of up to R$1,100 is issued until December 29th.

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PIS 2021; PIS / PASEP 2021

Workers who worked for at least one month throughout 2019 get PIS 2021. The maximum value is 1100 Brazilian RealAccording to working months.

To withdraw PIS 2021, it is necessary Ask the Ministry of Labor.

Who is entitled to PIS / Who is entitled to PIS 2021

  • They received up to a minimum wage in 2019;
  • have been registered with PIS/Pasep for at least five years;
  • conducted any paid activity for at least 30 days in 2019;
  • They have updated the data in the Annual Report of Social Information (RAIS)/eSocial.

PIS 2021 Withdrawal / How to get PIS 2021?

To receive PIS 2021, a worker must submit an application to the Department of Labor through:

  • From the center of Alô Trabalhador, dial 158;
  • From the e-mail, send the request to the e-mail address “[email protected]’, and replace the letters ‘uf’ with the abbreviation of the country in which the worker lives. For example, if the worker resides in Pernambuco, the email would be ‘[email protected]”.

2021 PIS schedule

The PIS 2021 schedule It states that the amount paid to the worker may fluctuate between 92 Brazilian Real and 1100 Brazilian Realdepending on the number of working months in 2019.

In this way, those who worked during the 12 months of 2019 will receive the maximum amount.

2021 calendar

a 2021 PIS calendar It was Starts on March 31 Withdrawal can be made Until December 29.

PIS; PIS 2022; PIS / PASEP 2022

a PIS 2022 have as Base year PIS 2020for employees that year.

Maximum share of PIS 2022 Deserves 1,212 Brazilian Realwho worked in 12 months of 2020.

Favor PIS 2022 It is done automatically on the account of the worker.

PIS Withdrawal for 2022 / How to get PIS?

You are PIS 2022 . values Automatically added to a digital social savings account opened by Caixa, accessible through the app square his.

PIS 2022 can be withdrawn from ATMs; at lottery houses and at Caixa Aqui correspondents (with social card and password); And in Caixa branch, provide the PIS number and official identification document.

PIS table; PIS 2022 schedule; 2022 PIS schedule

The amount received from PIS 2022 will depend on the number of working months in 2020. Check the complete PIS 2022 schedule:

  • Worked for 1 month – R$101;
  • 2 working months – 202 R$;
  • 3 working months – R$ 303;
  • 4 working months – R$ 404;
  • 5 working months – R$505;
  • Worked for 6 months – R$ 606;
  • Worked for 7 months – 707 BRL;
  • Worked for 8 months – R$808;
  • 9 working months – Rls 909;
  • 10 working months – 1010 RRL;
  • Worked 11 months – 1111 R$;
  • Worked for 12 months – 1,212 R$.


PIS 2022 It started on February 8th. The calendar, which follows by month of birth, was until March 31. However, still It is possible to withdraw the amount until December 29th.

Who is Right in PIS / Who is Right in PIS 2022

To be eligible for a salary bonus, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be enrolled in a PIS/Pasep or CNIS (first job date) program for at least five years;
  • have worked for employers that contribute to the Social Integration Program (PIS) or the Public Employees Asset Generation Program (PASEP);
  • be paid up to a minimum monthly wage on average during the working period;
  • have engaged in a remunerated activity for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the base year being counted;
  • Properly report your data by your employer (legal entity / government) in the Annual Report of Social Information (RAIS) or in the eSocial for the base year that is counted.

Domestic workers, rural workers employed by an individual, urban workers employed by an individual, and workers employed by an individual equivalent to a legal entity are not entitled to a salary bonus.

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