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Victim of a coup by the Pix, a woman claims she lost R $ 65,000 in 24 hours

Victim of a coup by the Pix, a woman claims she lost R $ 65,000 in 24 hours

Vivian Honorato, 30, stated that she was the victim of a coup via the Pix, losing 65,000 reais in less than 24 hours.

In an interview with Anhanguera TV, the woman said that she intended to enter a property with the money saved in her bank account, but was surprised by the balance of only R $ 0.58. “I don’t know if it is my phone that has been cloned, I am afraid to use it. I will change passwords for other banks, and I will change my password, and I will change everything.”

According to UOL, Honorato was able to select 13 different destinations for the amount transferred. Among them are the payment of vouchers and credit cards, as well as transfers. “I was unfounded when I saw so many Pixs were made and I saw that none of the names were recognized. More than 13 pixels were made with unknown names,” he said.

According to representative Samia Nolito, the number of cybercrime has increased after the emergence of the Pix transfer method, however, it is possible to avoid scams or act immediately upon application. “You can register your mobile phone number to receive SMS messages containing information about online and instant transfers. You receive as soon as the transfer is made. So that you can contact the bank and object to the transaction.”

The case is investigated by the Federal Revenue Service and the Public Prosecution Office. Vivian has stabbed her in her bank and is awaiting an investigation into what happened.

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