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Parreira wishes Diniz well and hopes to win the Libertadores title: “It is Fluminense from start to finish” |  Fluminense

Parreira wishes Diniz well and hopes to win the Libertadores title: “It is Fluminense from start to finish” | Fluminense

Code FluminensePresent at the celebration of one of the best moments in the club’s history and saving it from its worst stages. Idol, Carlos Alberto Parreira wants to complete November 4th by celebrating the CONMEBOL Libertadores title. Given his health condition, he should not go to the Maracanã. But there is no shortage of fans. Even from afar, he is following the season and hopes to achieve success in the final against Boca Juniors.

Parreira is moved by the tribute presented by Fluminense

-The campaign is very good, very good. I follow. I have the greatest interest [no Fluminense]. Due to my somewhat complicated health condition, I don’t leave the house much. I was hospitalized for four or five days… I’m not worried, I have a positive prognosis. I’m very connected to the fans. I’m really rooting for us to keep that title.

– Hey Fluminense You have reached a point where you have to worry about yourself. The team is good and has good morale and has to arrive and play to win. It must be Fluminense From start to finish.

Parreira receives a greeting from Fluminense – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/FFC

Parreira also praised coach Fernando Diniz, whom he considers a “very competent professional.” Among his wishes is the hope of seeing him in the hall of coaches who have won major titles for the club, such as Abel Braga, Zizi Moreira, Renato Gaucho and Maurice Ramalho.

Pitch 3 in Fluminense CT is named after Parreira – Photo: Marcelo Gonçalves/FFC

— A while ago, a poll appeared about the greatest coach in football history. Fluminense And I was elected. This relationship has been going on for a long time. With the dedication and achievements, I am very happy. I sympathize with the tri-color fans. Hey Fluminense It’s pretty big, isn’t it? In 1999, Horta said that only I could get the club out of this situation. It was as if he was managing the Brazilian team. And also thanks to the fans. They supported me at all times.

For health reasons, the party in the event of the title will be peaceful.

— I’ll stay home here with my grandchildren, and we’ll celebrate at home.

Fluminense Boca Juniors will face each other in the Conmebol Libertadores final, on the afternoon of November 4, at 5pm (Brasilia time), at the Maracanã. The decision is made in one match, and in the event of a tie, there is additional time. If equality remains, the final will be decided by penalty kicks. Whoever wins takes it.

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