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Parents' voice is heard after her daughter dies while eating sausages at Disney

Parents’ voice is heard after her daughter dies while eating sausages at Disney

A 9-year-old boy died in a park in the area Disney, In Orlando (USA), after consuming hot dogs and having an immediate allergic reaction. The case was filed in 2019. However, on Wednesday (14/4) the parents of the girl were heard to open an administrative case in Northampton Shire, in United kingdom.

As for the investigation, the victim’s parents clarified, for the first time, the details of that day. Jeffrey Stevens, the girl’s father, said that he and her mother were always looking for the food to give to their children and that it would have been avoided if the products contained more. Information on stickers.

On the day of the episode, young Ava Grace had a snack as usual during the family outing. Moments later, the child felt short of breath and his face began to swell from eating cow’s milk bread.

Notably, the girl’s younger brother, Harrison, was also allergic to food, but didn’t need medical attention.

Eva was taken to the hospital, but she did not fight back and died.

According to the forensic doctor in charge of the case, the death of the young woman was a “tragic accident.” For the child’s parents, on the other hand, the nutritional label is not well defined, thus having important ‘hidden composition information’.

On a personal blog, Eva’s mother recently posted a blog lamenting the death of her daughter.

“Losing my beautiful daughter Ava Grace at the age of nine completely devastated me. She was full of life, passionate about our vacation, gentle, generous and loud. She loved singing, dancing and doing gymnastics wherever we were. His death was sudden and unexpected. Although we knew she was extremely allergic, we kept it safe. Always on her. “

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After the survey opened in late 2019, a cat was opened up online to help the child’s parents. So far, the virtual initiative, through the JustGiving website, has raised nearly R $ 80,000. (With information from the sun)