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A barber shaves his hair in support of a friend with cancer

A barber shaves his hair in support of a friend with cancer

The Spanish barber’s gesture has affected millions of people on the Internet after vanity left aside and sympathized with a fellow professional with cancer.

Naftali Martin started to experience hair loss due to the chemotherapy given to treat lymphoma. Letting go of the look wouldn’t be easy for the award-winning barber, who took a camera to photograph the last moments with his hair.

Aware of his co-worker’s struggles and the importance of hair to him, Joel Ortega Gonzalez did not think twice and Naftali cried as he shaved his hair, in support of his friend.

The surprise was so great that Naphtali It took a while for him to fall, but when he visualized his friend’s gesture, the man burst into tears. But the work of solidarity does not end there. Joel has said that he will not stop shaving his hair until his friend is completely cured of the disease.

The video was shared on Neftali’s Instagram after it went viral on the web and garnered over 9.4 million views on TikTok alone. “To whomever does not know imjooeel [Joel] He’s not just a co-worker, he’s like a brother to me. I love you, brother, ”Naftali wrote in the commentary of the post.

The “Lords and Barbers” file, the salon in which the two work, was in the wave of solidarity and he shared the video, with a special message for Naftali.

“We want to show what true friendship is, because we are all one. For the moments that we have and those that we have left to live. What unites the barber shop, and which no one separates.”

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