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Paramount+ announces entertainment partnership with Latam Airlines Group

Paramount+ announces entertainment partnership with Latam Airlines Group

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Paramount+ has partnered with LATAM Airlines Group to launch the Paramount+-branded channel on more than 300 aircraft at 148 destinations in 25 countries. The partnership will provide special curation of Paramount+ content for LATAM customers through a dedicated section within the in-flight entertainment system. The news comes alongside the debut of “HALO”, an original series based on the Xbox franchise, which will have a special place on LATAM flights: the platform will take over the welcome screens and passengers will be able to watch the entire first season of the series to enjoy the preparation for the second part.

Under the agreement, LATAM becomes the only airline in South America to include Paramount+ content in its in-flight service. Paramount+’s partnership with LATAM is the latest in a series of agreements with major international carriers, including Qantas in Australia, British Airways in the UK and Deutsche Bahn in Germany.

“Partnering with LATAM Airlines allows us to reach a captive audience of consumers as they travel, and there is no better way to discover a new series or enjoy a show than by flying. Making our Paramount+ content available to LATAM customers is a great opportunity to make our Paramount+ content available to LATAM customers,” said Marco Nobili, Executive Vice President and General Manager. Paramount+ International: “The airline is great for travelers and is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional entertainment experiences for our fans.”

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