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Pango x Vasco: where to watch live, time and lineups |  Carioca Championship

Pango x Vasco: where to watch live, time and lineups | Carioca Championship

Banjo and Vasco They will face each other on Sunday, at 4pm (Brasilia time), in the fourth round of the Carioca Championship. The field drive has been sold, and the match will be played in Brasilia, at the Mane Garrincha Stadium. Hey ge Follow in real time.

Banjo is coming off three defeats in the Carioca Championship. The team is ranked eleventh, and will seek to obtain its first points in the competition away from its stadium against Rio de Janeiro. After the last match, which the team lost to Nova Iguaçu 3-2, the club fired coach Alexandre Gomez. France Junior temporarily leads the team against Vasco.

This will be Vasco's second match with his starting team, which returns from pre-season in Punta del Este, Uruguay. The team has not lost in Carioca with seven points in three matches, and the team is looking for another win to return to the top of the state. After Brasilia, Vasco will play again outside Rio de Janeiro, on Wednesday, against Nova Iguaçu, in Uberlandia.

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Pangu – Coach: France Junior

Potential Pangu Team: Gabriel Leite, Ricardo Cerqueira (Canela), Felipe Soares, Victor Oliveira and Rouen (Eric Daltrou); Adson, Renatinho (Walne) and Clayton; Edgar Neto, Saulo and Joao Victor (Anderson Lisa).

  • Embezzlement: Cado (on loan from Vasco) and Rocinha (transfer).

Vasco – Coach: Ramon Diaz

Coach Ramon Diaz intends to use Carioca to conduct tests, and Vasco is supposed to enter the field with new changes on Sunday. Defender Medel, left back Lucas Bitton and striker Pablo Vigeti, who were rested in the last round, were linked again.

Potential Vasco Team: Leo Jardim, Paulo Henrique (Rojas), Joao Victor, Medel, Lucas Biton, Ze Gabriel, Paulinho, Praxedes (Jair), Payet (Serginho, Eric Marcos), David (Rossi) and Pablo Vegetti.

  • Embezzlement: Adson (not registered in time for game).
  • to rule: Tarcizo Pinheiro Caetano
  • Assistant 1: Daniel Alves
  • Assistant 2: Victor Augusto