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Carpini “escapes” the taboo in El Clásico, forgets the final and asks Sao Paulo to focus on Paulista |  Sao Paulo

Carpini “escapes” the taboo in El Clásico, forgets the final and asks Sao Paulo to focus on Paulista | Sao Paulo

Watch the press conference following the match between Sao Paulo and Portuguesa with Thiago Carpini

Despite the closeness of the two matches, Carpini still does not want to think about Palmeiras. The technician Sao PauloIn a press conference, he stressed the importance of his players focusing only on the first classic match of the week, which will be held on Tuesday, at 7:30 p.m., at the New Quimica Arena.

– Our first decision is Tuesday. Every match for Paulista is a decision. Today was one we left behind. They see the difficulties that Paulistas face. The beginning is very modified and should become more so. A good start is important and we have to really value our line. Starting tomorrow, we'll see what works best for this match. “The casting allows us to make changes,” Carpini said.

Thiago Carpini in the Sao Paulo x Portuguesa match – Photography: Marcos Riboli

What is my art? Sao Paulo He also does not want his team to bear the weight of unbeaten rivals Corinthians at the New Quimica Arena.

– The burden of breaking taboos is not on this actor. I don't know how long New Quimica Stadium has been around, and I don't know how many teams have played there. So, this is not the weight. He added: “If we can win there, that's great. It will be a group that will continue to make history at the club, as is the case in 2023. After Corinthians, yes, we have a classic match against Palmeiras.”

Lucas, according to Carpini, is the one who has the best chance against Corinthians. The coach said that the striker wanted to play against Portuguesa, but… Sao Paulo He thought it wise to keep it for the classics.

– The others had not trained with the team yet, and they were balancing the load, and everything was as scheduled. This morning they naturally participated in activities. From now on, they will be more able to perform, as we also get feedback from the athlete, and we feel confident. I think it might be a little early (against Corinthians), but starting tomorrow we will have reactions. He explained that James, Rafinha, Michel and Lucas trained with the group (this Sunday).

“Sao Paulo is playing poorly, but they are coming out with three points,” Caio says Fan sound

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