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Palmeiras advances to announce Romulo and is close to closing the list of Abel's reinforcements.  Panorama vision |  Palm trees

Palmeiras advances to announce Romulo and is close to closing the list of Abel's reinforcements. Panorama vision | Palm trees

Hey Palm trees Lazaro's arrival was officially announced and was preceded by the announcement of Romulo, who passed the football academy tests and was mentioned as the club's athlete by Abel Ferreira last Thursday. The arrival of two more for 2024 is about to be formalized, so Verdau is close to completing the list of reinforcements the coach intends for this season.

There are two remaining positions for which the coach expects to be signed: left-handed defender and central striker.

Romulo and Jose Aldo fight for the ball in the match between Novorizontino and Ituano – Photo: Miguel Cincariol/Ituano FC

Among the new arrivals, striker Lazaro, who was drafted into the IDB, should occupy the role that was a priority in the team. Palm trees He gained more strength after the injury of Bruno Rodriguez, who is expected to be absent from the team for up to five or six months.

– What impresses me most is scoring goals. If I can score five or ten goals, I want to do it. I like the left winger more because penetrating through the middle has the option to shoot, and there is more clarity in creating chances, but playing on the left, right, attacking midfielder or centre-forward, I can adapt very well – said the striker about the positioning on the pitch. The field.

Watch Lazaro's press conference during the presentation in Palmeiras: “Brillo in the eyes”

– Hey Palm trees Do you have 20 million to buy a suite? he does not have. Do you have 15 million to buy a mid-sized car? he does not have. The coach explained: We have to use other resources, research, opportunities and sometimes wait.

Watch Abel Ferreira's press conference after Palmeiras' victory over Ituano

Among the expected reinforcements, defender Abel Ferreira has been part of Abel Ferreira's plans since his arrival, to provide fluidity on the left side. But behind the scenes, the club realizes that bringing in a young athlete will not solve the problem – in addition to cutting back on promises – and a more experienced player faces the values ​​​​to close the negotiations.

Therefore, it is difficult to immediately hire for this position. In 2021, Palm trees He even signed Huerta from Universidad Católica, but he did not pass the medical, and the club pulled out of the deal. After that, he brought in Murillo, who is a right defender and plays on the left side.

Palmeiras wins and Boca celebrates: “What a very important victory!” | Fan sound

At centre-forward, Abel is an experienced name who knows Brazilian football, and can play the reference role in attack – where he will be a replacement for Endrik, when the number 9 leaves for Real Madrid in July.

Abel Ferreira and the Palmeiras team salute Flaco Lopez after the goal against Ituano – Photo: Cesar Greco/Paleiras

Until when can you rent?

Hey Palm trees You have another week – until February 16 – to close your first list of Paulista subscribers.

The club filled the vacant spot with the arrival of Lazaro, but could still make a change to replace the injured Bruno Rodriguez. If you advance to the knockout stages of the state tournament, you can make four more roster changes through March 15.

Regarding the transfer window, the period is open in Brazil until March 7 – for another month – and athletes competing in state championships – as is the case with Romulo, for example – can transfer until April 19.

Lázaro has been announced as an additional reinforcement for Palmeiras – Image: Disclosure

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