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Orange week! Smiles offers a bonus of up to 300% when transferring miles between accounts

The smiling He has a special campaign during orange week which offers a bonus of up to 300% Transfer miles between accounts The offer is valid until 21:00 today (25).

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Transfer miles between accounts in the Smiles program and earn a bonus of up to 300%.


  • 300% Bonus – Diamond and/or Clube Smiles customers.
  • 250% Bonus – Other Smiles Clients.

Example at best land escape

The mechanics are simple! You must select the number of miles you want to transfer and then make a payment equivalent to R$ 60 for every 1,000 miles transferred, which can be paid in installments of up to 10 on the card. Once done, the program will reward you up to 300%. Follow the example below:

  1. Let’s say you’ve transferred 10,000 miles: the total cost will be R$600 (up to 10x on the card);
  2. One will get 10,000 miles (no fee);
  3. You will get 30,000 (300%) bonus miles;
  4. Eventually, your mileage receiver will go up to 10,000 miles and you’ll have 30,000 miles—all at a cost of $600.

After this step, you should do the same in reverse.

  1. Transfer 10,000 miles from the person’s account to you: the total cost will be R$600 (up to 10x on the card);
  2. You will receive 10,000 miles (without fees);
  3. The person will get another 30,000 miles (30%) as a reward;
  4. In the end, you’ll have 10,000 miles and the person will get 30,000 miles – all at a cost of R$600.

So, at the end of the transaction, you will have generated 60,000 miles at a cost of R$1,200 (20 R$ per thousand). Note that:

  • The account only goes up to R$20,000 from all miles generated if you make “Ping pong“- i.e. from one account to another, and vice versa;
  • Since the 10,000 miles transferred to a third party was already yours, we only count the 30,000 miles you redeemed;
  • A Participant operating a Family Account will not be eligible for this Promotion if they transfer Miles to another Participant linked to the Family Account.


  • The validity of the transferred and bonus miles is 12 months;
  • Miles will be credited within 72 hours after payment confirmed;
  • Transfer limit by category:
    Smiles/Silver/Golden: 80,000 miles
    Diamonds: 160,000 miles
  • Installment up to 10 installments without interest.
  • minimum transfer of 100 miles;
  • Payment must be made with a credit card issued in Brazil.

Subscribe to the Smiles Club

If you are interested in being a part of Smiles ClubIn partnership with the program, we got a special condition: extra miles in your subscription! Check out the available plans:

Find out how the Smiles Club works.


Since we’ve always commented on this kind of offer, if you’re familiar with Smiles and keep track of program promotions, you know the R$20 per thousand cost is interesting. Undoubtedly, this can be a good opportunity for you to top up your balance and redeem that flight you wanted or even pay off a previously issued ticket with Travel with ease.

Remember to assess your need and not immediately transfer miles of smiles, and check if promotion is beneficial to your strategy before hitting the hammer. Also note that the maximum bonus is exclusive to Clube Smiles and/or Diamond customers.

for more information, click here.

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