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One million doses of Sputnik vaccine to be taken by Austrians, trust agreement signed

Speaking during talks with Russia, Health Minister Rudolf Ansoper said, “They are exploring the current possibility of making the tested additional vaccines available to the public soon.” He added: “All vaccines used in Austria must be effective and safe.”

In the European Union The Russian Sputnik V vaccine is not yet licensedHowever, the European Pharmaceuticals Association (EMA) has begun to study it in a process called current evaluation. In doing so, if a medical emergency is required, the required documents can be submitted not in one place, but in succession, in the order available and examined. This will definitely speed up the allowable process.

The Austrian Chancellor said that a trust agreement had been signed with Russia regarding the process of submitting the documents, and that the documents would be accessible to Austrian health officials. Accordingly The 300,000-dose Spotnik V vaccine will arrive in April, 500,000 in May and 200,000 in early June. However, no decision has yet been made regarding the purchase.

Austrian President Sebastian Kurz has been in talks with Russia over the Sputnik V vaccine since late February. In a resolution on Tuesday, it was important not to view vaccines as “geopolitical blind” and that “a particular vaccine is safe and effective, not where it comes from”.

If Austria gets an additional one million vaccines, it means that we can quickly return to our normal lives, not to mention save lives and jobs.

Chancellor added.

Cover image source: Tario Pignetelli, EU Media Library