For many years, cherry blossoms have been open in Japan before, but this time the event started earlier than usual. It has not been seen in the last 1,200 years.

Due to the unusually warm March, Kyoto’s cherry trees bloomed earlier this month Scientific warning. According to the scientific news site, this phenomenon is associated with climate change.

Flowering of cherry trees has been followed since 812, with the opening date of this event being March 27, 1409. But now this too has been ignored, because on March 24 this year you can see the blooms of the cherry trees.

According to estimates, there have been no such early flowering examples in the last 1,200 years.

The early flowering of cherry trees is special because this event is usually expected by the Japanese in mid-April. So in general, the first flowers should not disappoint. A similar thing happened in Tokyo, a little further away: the first cherry blossoms appeared 12 days earlier than usual.

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This phenomenon is an important tool in the hands of climate researchers who have long followed the flowers of cherry trees. From this you can find out how fast the spring is coming and what temperature values ​​are changing over a period of time. Experts say that cherry trees in the US are now showing their flowers very soon, and there are all indications that this phenomenon will not diminish in the coming decades.

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