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Oi introduces a new brand focused on optical fibers

The Oh She introduced her new brand on Tuesday (26th), Nova Oi. Through a video shared on YouTube and social networks, the company announced the repositioning of the brand targeting the fiber-optic service.

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“You think, change, evolve. And Oi turned to accompany you. The new Hi has arrived. To do with you, from the simple to the extraordinary,” he wrote to Oi.

After selling the Oi mobile network to TIM, Claro and Vivo, Nova Oi wants to restore proximity to customers, as well as contribute to the growth of Brazilian residential Internet access. The novelty comes after the inclusion of partnerships with players in educational, entertainment and financial institutions in the plans offered to users.

“We are no longer a company that is entirely focused on communications, we have transformed, and we are moving towards a digital platform, which will be connected via fiber. We will be connecting different services, from different regions. These partnerships will emerge more than in the third quarter of general.

“Oi has changed. We want to show the simplicity of the company, the clear and assertive way it operates, and we want a new opportunity to be valued by people. It’s not just a campaign, we’re embarking on a journey,” adds Livia.

Watch Hello Video:

Sell ​​OI

On Wednesday (20), telecom operators participated in the operation of Sell ​​Oi MóvelAnd TimAnd Alive And Clear, you mentioned that the completion of the process has been completed. The mobile unit (UPI Ativos Móveis) of the operator, which was under judicial redemption was sold for R$16.5 billion to Vivo, TIM and Claro, at the end of last year.

The contracts were signed on Wednesday morning and the sale was made to competitors TIM, Vivo and Claro, who paid R$15.92 billion. Now the oldOi Móvel customers will be migrated according to the area code. Each operator will conduct a communication campaign to instruct the consumer regarding their number migration and transfer options.

According to a statement issued by the operators, R$ 14.47 billion out of R$ 15.92 billion has already been received. Another R$1.45 billion will be withheld for up to 120 days, “until the evaluation of any additional adjustments, as is common in operations of this type, can be completed.”

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