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Officials say US forces attacked an Iraqi air base and then responded  world

Officials say US forces attacked an Iraqi air base and then responded world

Military vehicles near Al-Asad base in Iraq – Photograph: John Davison/Reuters

US officials said that US forces were attacked at an air base west of Baghdad on Tuesday (21), and the US military responded with an air strike.

This was the first retaliation on Iraqi soil in response to recent attacks launched by militants with drones and missiles.

Two US officials said that the Ain al-Asad air base was attacked by a short-range ballistic missile, wounding eight people and causing minor damage to infrastructure.

The United States responded by attacking an Iranian-backed militia vehicle and people involved in the attack. Officials said that a number of deaths were among the militants.

The attacks on US targets began on October 17 and were linked by Iraqi militias to US support for Israel in its bombing of Gaza, following attacks by the Palestinian Hamas movement on Israeli territory.

The attack on American targets ended a year-long unilateral truce declared with Washington by Iraqi factions, some of which formed after the American invasion in 2003 to confront American forces, and others in 2014 to fight ISIS.

American and international forces that make up the coalition fighting the remnants of ISIS have been bombed more than 60 times in Iraq and Syria since October 17, according to American officials.

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