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Oculus, from Meta, ranks first as the most downloaded app during Christmas

Oculus, from Meta, ranks first as the most downloaded app during Christmas

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Facebook bought the company that owns Oculus eight years ago for $2 billion

Actions dead control Facebook social networking siteThey headed into their best trading session Monday night (27), after brokerage KeyBanc indicated to analysts that the Oculus VR headset was a popular gift this year. .’s app skylight It was in the top five for entertainment in five different countries and the top ten overall in the United States on December 24, according to the brokerage. On Christmas Day, the app performed better and the app topped the overall US rankings and was among the top five entertainment sites in 14 countries.

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According to KeyBanc, the product may have benefited from a shortage of video game hardware. Meta’s share rose by about 3.6%. It became a Facebook Meta in October. The change occurred at a time when the platform was investing in the metaverse concept. In Europe alone, for example, 10,000 specialists will be hired to develop related technology. During its third-quarter earnings announcement earlier this week, the company confirmed a $10 billion investment in creating its metaverse. The Oculus is an important device in the metaverse interaction.

The company that owns Oculus was acquired by Facebook eight years ago for $2 billion.

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