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Tony Hawk and Nega Heston will skate together and play THPS 1 + 2 as they do in the new Monster Energy Twitch series

Tony Hawk and Nega Heston will skate together and play THPS 1 + 2 as they do in the new Monster Energy Twitch series

The greatest skater on the planet is without a doubt Tony Hawk, the King of Vert and the creator of the exceptionally popular game الشعبية Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder Video Game Series: The re-release of the first two titles of 2020 saw one million copies sold in the first two weeks.

The greatest skateboard on the planet. Immediately Possibly the world’s highest-paid street king and skater, Nyjah Huston.

Hawk and Huston belong to two different eras, but together they make up a much more complete story of skateboarding history, from its vertical and vertical origins to its elegant dominance on the streets today.

And anyone who chose a controller to play Tony Hawk Professional Skateboard 1 + 2 Since its re-release, you’ve no doubt been wondering what it would be like to see the greatest skateboarding legend go head-to-head with her biggest star.

That’s exactly the concept behind the new Monster Energy broadcast series “Live and Unleashed,” which kicks off June 14 with skaters Hawk, Houston, Lizzie Armanto and pro player Tyler “TeeP” Polchow battling the popular game. Additionally, the broadcast will also include footage of Hook, Huston and Armanto in a skate session at Huston’s skate park.

The broadcast will host popular Monster Energy athlete and snowboarder Luke “the Dingo” Trembath and can be watched on Monster’s Nashl channel قناة.

Director Paul Toplip describes the event as a “complete remote television production, incorporating state-of-the-art live skate coverage while Niga and Tony perform at the World Skatepark in Nyjah alongside them playing as video game characters.”

To accommodate transmission speeds, TAUBLIEB Films integrates a high-speed satellite link, six cameras for remote production, fly-pack production equipment, and sound and lighting studio capabilities. The goal is to make the event feel more like a network broadcast than a video broadcast, while maintaining an essential feel that makes you feel right at home on Twitch.

“Monster Energy has been looking for a way to make an impact on gaming while staying true to its roots as a vibrant sports lifestyle company,” said Toplip. He and his lifelong partner at TAUBLIEB Films, Susan Cooper, have worked with Monster for nearly 15 years, serving as their creative agency and content company.

TAUBLIEB Filmes’ production efforts will be supported by marketing agency and branded studio Zoned Gaming. The two will collaborate to implement a strategy to help expand the Monster brand into the gaming entertainment world.

“Our approach is to combine our classic cinematic visuals with a character-driven approach and tweak everything with the right music, style, and approach that is sensitive and respectful of the game’s culture and Twitch audience,” said Toplip.

In the broadcast, which will follow a free-for-all format, Hawk and Huston will play head-to-head as two in-game characters; He will also challenge Armanto and Bolcho. In the end, Dingo will be crowned the first “Live Unleashed” champion. Additional footage of Hawk, Nyjah and Armanto in Huston’s private repository will complement the competitive side of the broadcast.

Finnish American figure skater Armanto appeared as a playable character in Tony Hawk’s Crash SessionAnd the Tony Hawk Professional Skater 5 s Tony Hawk Professional Skateboard 1 + 2. He trained for a long time with Hawk in his own half-tube at a warehouse in Vista, California.

Huston, now 26, is a playable character in Tony Hawk 2006 with Tony Hawk’s Project 8, also appearing in Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, Tony Hawk: Ride, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, as well as Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 re-release

On Sunday, Houston finished second at the World Street Skateboarding Championships in Rome and qualified to represent the United States at this summer’s Tokyo Olympics.

“I’ve literally grown up as a character in THPS games since I was 12, which is amazing,” Huston said. “Whether it’s a game character or skate with Tony here in my garden, it’s exciting to show the world what we do as skaters.”

“I am proud of how Tony Hawk is a professional skateboarder Hook said. “It has been one of the highlights of my career to see these games develop and help inspire a new generation of skaters and players.”

Future broadcasts of the Monster’s Live and Unleashed series will include a UFC-themed show where Monster Energy MMA fighters Daniel Cormier and Stipe will bring their rivalry into the gaming world, while professional player “Hungrybox” truly enters the picture. appraiser. A third stream will be built around the partnership between Monster Energy and Apex legends.

Monster Energy is a huge sponsor of skiers and gamers; His skaters also include Americans Tom Shar and Echod Weir, Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler and France’s Aurelien Giroud. His gaming team includes Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid from the US and FNATIC from the UK.

“We are thrilled to bring together the amazing athletes and players of Monster Energy on our new broadcast series Unleashed,” said Dan McHugh, Director of Marketing for Monster Energy. “We’ve been pushing skaters and gamers for decades and look forward to offering a fun and unique crossover that represents our company’s diverse consumer culture.”

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