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Obesity contributes to the worsening of Govt-19 in youth, study results - Metro

Obesity contributes to the worsening of Govt-19 in youth, study results – Metro

Since the onset of the Govit-19 epidemic, it has been known obesity, As well as other comorbidities To worsen Disease pictures. A study in the UK based on a recent newspaper review of 6.9 million people The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, Points out and confirms this thesis Higher body mass index, More likely to get worse Infection.

Obesity is highlighted in Ceará, according to the most recent epidemiological bulletin released by the Health Secretariat (SESA) Third Community Behind diabetes and heart disease, respectively, the majority of cases of patients who have to go to the hospital for worsening have been reported.

“Study [do Reino Unido] Showed that there is Linear relationship. This shows that the body mass index starting at 23 already raises the risk of hospitalization. This rate increases the risk of death above 28, ”explains endocrinologist Ana Flavia Torcoto.

That Bad trend, According to the expert, mainly due to inflammatory processes. “Obesity is a chronic disease associated with chronic inflammation. Therefore, there are changes regarding the patient’s immune response. In addition, the obese patient often has comorbidities, metabolic diseases, for example, diabetes, which is a risk factor ”.

Immunologist Edson Dexira confirms Torcoto’s rationality, and the greater the probability that this inflammation is due to a higher body mass index Microthrombos. “It’s a factor that can lead to death,” he says.

Obesity in young people

That is another finding of the UK study Obesity alone will increase the incidence of Govt-19 cases in young people 20 to 39 years old. For Torquato, this decision is important because young people think it does not create serious cases of the disease.

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Last Friday (30), 29-year-old Fabrasio Dionasio da Silva was injected with a sequel to Covit-19. He became obese and infected in February and spent 51 days in hospital, his body suddenly swollen and trying to recover from the effects of the disease when the concentration dropped again.

Alexandrina, her sister, described her condition as “anxious, very complicated” and said she had only heard from doctors that obesity was a. Risk factor, Despite the young age.

Ana Flavia Torcoto points to increased social isolation caused by the epidemic Proportion of obese and overweight population In the country and this Worrying. “Social isolation, while necessary to avoid pollution, is associated with overeating. The more the person ‘pinches’, the more he eats. It has moved a lot from physical inactivity to psychological problems, anxiety and depression, ”warns the doctor, who focuses on the development of healthy eating habits and physical activity.

Data on surveillance of risk factors and risk factors for chronic diseases by telephone survey (Vigitel) survey published in 2020, at that time, in Brazil, 55.4% of the population is overweight – Body mass index above 25 – and 20.3% with obesity – Code above 30.

Relationship with the vaccine

In another study by Italian researchers with health workers who were obese, these visitors produced better than people without the condition. About half Levels of antibodies after the second dose of Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine.

Immunologist Edson Dexira points out that this research focused only on the production of antibodies in a very small number of patients. That is not enough To create an understanding of the effectiveness of the vaccine in this group or to indicate something about the need for reinforcement in the vaccination schedule.

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Nevertheless, the expert points out that in parallel with other symptoms, “people with obesity are more likely to have hepatitis B, rabies, or influenza. The higher the body mass index, the lower the response to vaccines. In other words, this is not a new thing, but it’s something to worry about, in this case, Govt-19. “

According to the Ministry of Health, obese people have given priority to the vaccine against Govt-19 and are included in the third phase of the campaign, which is due to start this May.

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