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Nursing Hall: Private sector will appeal STF decision

Nursing Hall: Private sector will appeal STF decision

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Associations representing private health should request to challenge the result of the nursing hall ruling. The idea is to file the appeal as soon as the trial transcript is published.

The announcement of the result of the Federal Supreme Court came on Monday (7/3). It has been proven that new salaries in the private sector must be preceded by negotiation between employees and employers. In the absence of agreement, within 60 days of publication of the judgment minutes, the ground established by law shall prevail.

he said to juta Marcus Ottoni, legal coordinator of the National Health Consortium (CNSade), is one of the authors ADI 7222.

The STF decision was not well received by nursing. One of the biggest complaints in this category was the commitment to a 44-hour week to pay new wages.

Nurses plan to file ban requests for clarification. “Many professionals are working for a shorter time and will be hurt, with a decrease in what they are currently receiving,” he said. juta Solange Caetano, chair of the National Forum for Nursing (FNE).

The category will maintain the downtime and also expect a response from the Ministry of Health regarding the transfer of 7.3 billion stipulated in the decree to help pay for the floor in the public sector.

According to FNE, Vol has yet to announce payment expectations. However, changes in the legal scenario are expected only in August, when the judiciary will return from vacation

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