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After criticizing crowding at a football match, Leo Prats calls for consistency in government decree: 'Doesn't believe in science' |  Bahia

After criticizing crowding at a football match, Leo Prats calls for consistency in government decree: ‘Doesn’t believe in science’ | Bahia

Salvador’s Minister of Health, Leo Prates, once again spoke of the fans at football matches. On Monday (29) he demanded consistency in the state’s decisions that exempt the public from events and stadiums, and stated that the latest version “underestimated science.”

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Liu also defended himself against accusations that he was a champion of the carnival. In an interview with Bahia TV, he highlighted that he did not take a position in favor of the party, and highlighted the emergence of the new omicron variant of Covid-19, which was first detected in South Africa.

“Some people went to my social network to say that I was defending the carnival. I want to separate things, because some people, in bad faith, mix them up. Carnival is one thing and the question of events is another. About carnival, we depend on the moment. With the emergence of the omicron and all these problems we follow Across the world, we think this is not the time to have any standing at the carnival,” he wonders.

“I have never taken a pro-Carnival stance. I have taken a stance in favor of three principles. First: epidemiological criteria – whether you have the same epidemiological risks in certain activities that have the same consistency with what is being done. Second: planning – we need to plan for each something, and third: dialogue.

After criticizing crowding at football match, Leo Prats asks for consistency in government decree – Image: Reproduction/Bahia TV

“It doesn’t seem logical to talk about caution and release 35,000 people, still unsupervised. What we see outside the stadiums are real carnivals. Crowds are going and it makes sense that this raises our concerns. Or if the two increase. . [públicos], or minimizing the two, and at that moment, no one will advocate more flexibility. We’re there with omicron and it’s not the time to make anything looser, it’s time to pay attention. Unfortunately, the pandemic is like this: things can change in every moment.”

“We always defend the flag first, but with all due respect, whoever wrote the state decree ignored the flag. In my opinion, the epidemic risk of the football field, regardless of its use all together and the event being conducted there is the same.” highlighted.

Regarding the inspection of environments released for juveniles, Liu highlighted the need for monitoring by the government.

In my opinion, there is a need to intensify the inspections. In these photos from the stadium, I can only identify one person wearing a mask. We need to intensify inspections and the state is not able to be present in every city, which is why partnership and working together – and we appeal to the governor to open dialogue – is necessary because he will not be able to be in the 417 municipalities of Bahia. Municipalities will be important in the inspection work and we are ready to work with the state government.”

Let’s all pay the bills

Salvador’s health minister slams fans at a soccer match – Image: clone/social media

Health Minister Leo Prats also criticized the football match because of the problem clusters. In a tone of indignation, Léo Prates posted videos of unmasked fans and described the match as a “carnival”.

“With all due respect to the governor, I leave my considerations here: the images we see in football stadiums in Bahia, including beer and 35 thousand people, indicate a warning letter? What is the epidemiological parameter of this decision?”.

“Every weekend we have real ‘carnivals’ in the stadiums! Let’s all pay that bill!”

Governor Rui Costa has not taken a position on the issue, but the Bahia State Department of Health (Cesap) issued a note on Saturday (27). Check it out in full:

“The state health department is constantly monitoring indications that restrictive measures to contain Covid-19 can be eased, or even show the need for greater restriction.

Among the indicators are the number of active cases, daily new cases, vaccination coverage and household occupancy rates.

Whenever this is authorized, the events must comply with what is stipulated in Decree No. 20907 published in the Official Gazette of the State. Established health protocols must be respected, especially appropriate social distancing, use of masks and proof of recent vaccination against Covid-19.”

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