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Nubank launches “PIX Sworn” function for its customers;  Learn how to use it!

Nubank launches “PIX Sworn” function for its customers; Learn how to use it!

The famous digital financial institution Nubank has presented an innovation for its users: PIX fiado or PIX Crédito. This new functionality allows transactions to be carried out without the need for an account balance, using the Nubank customer's credit card limit. Novelty arrives as a useful alternative in times of financial distress.

The Central Bank had previously analyzed the version of this functionality, but Nubank was quick to adopt and implement this functionality, providing another practical and efficient option for its clients. One of the strengths of the function is the possibility of paying the transaction in one go or in installments.

How does PIX insured by Nubank work?

Nubank's PIX operates in a similar way to traditional PIX. The difference lies in the fact that the payment will be debited from the customer's credit card limit. The transaction is instantaneous and can be done using a Pix Key or a Pix QR Code.

The transaction amount will not be paid until the credit card bill is closed, with the possibility of paying it in full or in installments. During this process, it is possible to simulate the number of installments and check the rates that will be applied.

How to use PIX to get credit in Nubank?

Here are the steps to use PIX to get credit in Nubank:

1. Open the Nubank application on your cell phone and log in using your account details.
2. On the app's home screen, access the Pix Area and tap Move.
3. Enter the amount to transfer and the recipient's PIX key.
4. Verify the data entered.
5. Select the “Credit Card” option as the payment method.
6. Choose the number of installments.
7. Review the recipient details.
8. Enter the 4-digit credit card password and confirm the operation.

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With the launch of this function, Nubank reinforces its strategy of offering practical and innovative solutions to its customers, with the aim of increasingly improving their experience in the digital world.