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NUBANK issues the loan to start payment after only 90 days

NUBANK issues the loan to start payment after only 90 days

In today’s financial world, Nubank It stands out as an organization that provides innovative and practical solutions to its clients. One such solution is the option to order A lend You don’t start paying until after 90 days. See how it works.

Nubank: Overview

a Nubank It is a Brazilian financial institution known for its innovative, customer-focused approach. Providing a range of financial services including credit cards, digital accounts and… LoansNubank aims to simplify the financial lives of its customers.

Nubank loan repayment deadline

Anyone interested in getting a Nubank loan can do the simulation on the bank’s app and will get… Grace period of up to 90 days To start payment. It is worth noting that during the simulation you choose the first payday. The client has up to 24 months to repay the loan.

Nobank Personal Loan: How does it work?

Hey Personal loan from Nuban Bank It is an option offered by the application that allows the user to contract the service in a simple and intuitive way. The recruitment process takes place through the application itself, where the previously approved maximum limit can be displayed and employment conditions simulated.

After approval, the loan amount is transferred to the customer’s Nubank account. The unique feature of a Nubank loan is the ability to start repaying the loan after just 90 days.

Loan simulation

The first step to request a loan is to run a simulation on the Nubank app. During the simulation process, customers can choose the loan amount and the number of installments. The application will then show the value of the installments and the interest due.

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Loan application

After the simulation, customers can request a loan on the app. Nubank performs a credit analysis and, if approved, the loan amount is transferred to the customer’s Nubank account.

Loan repayment

Nubank offers the flexibility to start repaying the loan after just 90 days. This gives customers the opportunity to organize their finances before starting to repay the loan.

Advantages of Nobank loan

Nubank loan offers many benefits to customers.


Nubank offers customers the flexibility to choose the loan amount and number of instalments, as well as the repayment start date.


With Nubank, customers enjoy complete transparency regarding loan terms. All costs, including interest and fees, are clearly identified during the loan simulation.


It’s easy to request and manage a Nubank loan. Everything is done through the app, making the process simple and convenient.

How to request a Nubbank loan?

Applying for a Nubank loan is a simple and straightforward process.

Access the Nubank application

The first step to requesting a Nubank loan is to access the application.

Select the “Loan” option.

In the application, customers must select the “Loan” option.

Conduct a simulation

Before requesting a loan, customers must go through a simulation process to understand the installment value and interest applied.

Ask for a loan

After the simulation, customers can apply for the loan. Nubank performs a credit analysis and, if approved, the loan amount is transferred to the customer’s Nubank account.

Interest rates on loans

interest rates on Nobank loan It is customized, meaning it varies according to each customer’s profile. In this way, Nubank offers a simulation that shows the amount the customer will pay at the end of the loan.

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In addition to the interest rate, it is important to remember that obtaining a loan involves other costs, such as IOF (financial operations tax), which amounts to 0.38% of the total amount plus a percentage of 0.0082% per day, calculated accordingly. To the payment term.

How to pay loan installments

Paying your Nubank loan installments is very simple:

  • The customer must have the full installment amount available on the due date, with payment made by automatic debit from the Nubank digital account;
  • If the customer does not have available credit, no amount will be debited. Nubank sends an email reminder and a notification on your cell phone to make the payment.

advance payment

Prepayment of Nubank loan installments can be made directly through the application. To do this, simply choose the installments you want to pay in advance to get the interest deduction.

How to prepay installments:

  1. Log in to the application and click on “Loans”;
  2. Select the loan you wish to apply;
  3. Click “Advance”;
  4. Choose whether you want to forecast the next installment, next months installments or the latest installments;
  5. Click “Confirm Payment”;
  6. Enter the 4-digit password.

Late repayment of the loan

If payment is not made by the agreed due date, the customer will be left with the loan in arrears and be charged a fixed interest and penalty of 2% on the amount due.

Loan cancellation

Nubank loan can only be canceled if the loan was withdrawn less than 7 days ago. To effect cancellation, you must have the total loan amount plus the IOF fee in your Nubank account.

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Hey Nubank It has established itself as a modern and uncomplicated option for those looking for practical financial solutions. With transparency, simplicity and control, Nobank Personal Loan makes life easier for those who need financial resources with ease and security.