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Nubank is launching an additional credit card limit for transactions via Pix

Nubank is launching an additional credit card limit for transactions via Pix

On Thursday (25), Nubank released a new feature called Extra Limits, which allows bank users to perform transactions via Pix in the credit method.

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According to the bank, this measure aims to maintain the card limit, so that customers can use it on other occasions. The novelty is especially useful for those who usually use the available account limit to make payments for products or services using Pix.

As with previous versions, the new functionality is not yet available to all fintech users. More clients are expected to be covered in the coming weeks as testing progresses.

An additional limitation of Pix is ‚Äč‚Äčaimed at customer autonomy

According to Jeremy Selesner, Director of Cards Area at Nubank, the main goal of this new functionality is to provide customers with greater financial independence, allowing them to choose how they want to make their payments without stopping to use their credit cards.

Each customer can check in the app itself (available for Android and iOS) if they have an extra limit available and what is its value when making a payment using a bank voucher or making a Pix in credit mode. If you have this additional limit, the name “Extra Limit” will be displayed once the customer chooses credit card as the Pix payment method.

As with a traditional credit card limit, the value of this additional limit varies from person to person, and is determined by a credit analysis algorithm that is constantly updated based on the customer’s financial profile.

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Therefore, the additional limit will not be specified and may change over time through new analyzes performed by the organization.

In addition to Nubank, other banks also offer the option to make payments via Pix using a credit card limit. However, it is important to be aware of the fees charged for this service.