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Nubank is firing nearly 300 employees in Brazil;  Find out why

Nubank is firing nearly 300 employees in Brazil; Find out why

a nubank Last Wednesday (7) announced the dismissal of nearly 300 employees. According to the bank, the dismissal of 296 employees is part of the restructuring of the operations sector in Brazil and does not affect other areas and the recruitment is in progress.

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On a note, the company informed that the area has been divided into different units and is now unified. With this, the bank hopes to provide a more complete service to customers. Because of this new paradigm, some functions became redundant, resulting in the need for cuts.

Nobank also reported that he informed the affected employees of the decision to terminate, thanked them for the work done and offered a benefits package.

It will not be smooth sailing to lay off nearly 300 employees

Contrary to what the bank said, the shutdown was, in fact, a turbulent one, according to the IT Forum. The rational connection contrasts with the audios of the Nubank employee the IT forum had access to. The worker, whose identity we will keep, has moments of anxiety and a turbulent separation process, ”the portal notes.

According to the digital bank, the affected functions are administrative functions and do not affect the end customer. In addition, the company does not anticipate other changes and restructuring besides this one.

Nubank also reiterated that the restructuring is due to the consolidation of product teams into a centralized organization, which will allow for a more complete customer service and gains at scale.

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The bank ended 2022 with approximately 8,000 employees, revenue of $1.45 billion globally and 74.6 million customers.

The wave of layoffs that have taken place since last year is a global phenomenon affecting millions of workers in various sectors of the economy.

In the official societies issued by companies, the main reasons identified were the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the acceleration of automation and artificial intelligence, in addition to restructuring due to successive crises.