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Nubank announces new earnings analysis tool

Nubank announces new earnings analysis tool

a nubank Launched a new feature for clients who invest in assets with variable income. with the new Profit Analysis ToolHey Investor You will be able to follow your earnings payment history directly in the bank app.

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It will be possible to check the reward, in real terms, for each asset, such as a stock, BDR or real estate fund (FII). In this way, the client will be able to get a more accurate view of his monthly passive income.

Fernando Miranda, Vice President of Investments at nubank.

Dividends are a percentage of the profits that the company has earned, distributed to its shareholders. It is a cross-company strategy to attract new investors.

The novelty announced by Nubank will also provide data on asset valuation and writedown and inform the exact dates of dividend deposits. The feature is available in the digital bank application, in the “Exchange” menu.

The new functionality will be implemented gradually for Brazilian customers.

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