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Nubank funds disappear from the app and customers are afraid

Client nubank I got freaked out last Thursday morning (15) upon accessing a fintech app. Funds and investments, such as CDB, have simply disappeared. In the applications tab, only the amounts invested in cryptocurrencies are found.

Some users reached out to their Twitter accounts to talk about what happened. Many said they reached out to Roxinho through social media and support. Regarding the disappearance of investments in the application, the company gave the following status:

“We have a fluctuation in Caixinhas, don’t worry, okay? I’ve also reported the situation to our in-house team and soon the boxes will appear in your app, okay?”

Nubank Boxes

in small squares Nubank’s initial proposition is to help customers organize their financial goals, separating their money from each specific goal. In short, chests are like thrift folders, which can be customized according to a person’s profile.

Additionally, the money set aside can pass through income, by investing in an investment, such as Nu Reserva Imediata, that yields a return above 100% of the CDI. The chests can be customized to each desired goal, and the user can continue the process until his goal is reached.

a nubank It has boxes ready for customers. However, there is no limit to the folders that will be created and they can be customized according to each goal. The ready-made fintech backup folders are:

  • emergency reserve
  • home repair
  • focus on the profession;
  • my dream of consumption;
  • Take a trip.

It should be noted that it can be useful to assist those who wish to get more organized financially in order to achieve specific goals and personal goals. With the resources separated, users can have more clarity on how far each specific goal is to be reached.

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Finally, to make sure you have the Caixinhas feature, simply open the app and check if the “Caixinhas” button appears on the main interface. If so, just select and tap Start Save.

It should be noted that the new service is gradually being rolled out to customers. However, in September, the tool will be available to everyone.

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