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Nubank allows transactions via Pix using a credit card; See how to use the feature

a nubank It always strives to implement innovative features in your application. For a few months now, fintech clients have been able to make transactions via Pix using their credit card. The amount can still be paid in installments of up to 12 installments, however, with interest.

The procedure is very simple and similar to traditional Pix. a nubank It provides the alternative between using the account balance or the card limit to make the transaction via the app.

Pix with Nubank Credit Card

The option is useful for those who need to make a transfer, but do not have enough balance in their account. This way, instead of using the money from the digital account, the process will be carried out at the credit card limit, with the fees stated on the invoice.

There is no difference as to who receives Pix, as the money usually goes down immediately. However, before using this feature, it is important to plan financially, as Pix on a credit card has IOF benefits and fees.

How to make Pix with a Nubank credit card?

To perform the operation, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Access to the application nubank;
  2. Go to the Pix area;
  3. Select the transfer option and enter the Pix key;
  4. Enter the value to be sent;
  5. On the payment screen, click “Choose Transfer Method”.
  6. Once done, tap on the Credit Card option;
  7. choose the number of installments;
  8. On the confirmation screen, confirm the data and check the fees that affect the process;
  9. Click “Transfer”; And the
  10. Finally, enter the password.
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The transfer amount will be added to your credit card statement, without taking money from your balance.

Interest on Playing a Pix Credit Card at Nubank

According to FinTech, two fees apply to the transaction: interest and IOF. While the interest rate is 3.99% per month, the interest rate ranges between 0.38% and 3.38%.

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