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The last installment of the income tax refund will be paid at 4.22%

the attention of the Brazilians. The time is coming. On Friday (30/09) the Federal Revenue Service is expected to pay the fifth and final installment of the 2022 income tax refund. In principle, according to the Selic Economy Basic Rate, the correction will be 4.22%. The IRS Consultation should open on Friday (23/09).

Initially, early Friday, federal revenue is expected to reveal how many citizens will receive the values. In addition, the agency must inform the amounts to be paid in this installment. Until then, revenue had already pushed a total of R$24.9 billion to R$17.3 million.

Namely, the 4.22% is the highest that federal revenue has ever paid for this year. According to the agency, this correction will apply to refunds to taxpayers who have declared their income tax in the past two days, i.e. May 30 and 31. In addition, those who left the micro-net after the IRS identified discrepancies in the declaration are entitled to this fee.

Package Date of deposit revision
the first May 31 0.00%
Second June 30 1.00%
Third July 29 2.02%
the fourth August 31 3.05%
Fifth September 30 4.22%

pay income tax refund

of about R$25 billion will be paid in compensation in 2022 income tax7 billion Brazilian reals missing. This payment will be available in the respective bank account notified by the taxpayer on the IR return. In any case, to receive the amounts, it will be necessary to have an account in the name of the permit holder.

In this year 2022, the taxpayer will be able to receive IR refund amounts through them pix.

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Every month, the income from the National Treasury receives the necessary amounts to pay the refunds and creates a lot. Taxpayer inclusion aligns with statutory priorities, such as seniors and taxpayers with some type of physical or mental disability or serious illness, among others.

According to the revenue statements, the calculation of interest on the amount refunded is based on the final date of IR delivery. This year 2022, the delivery deadline has received a new deadline, until May 31. As a result, refunds have been corrected as of June.


First, it is important to note that if the taxpayer changes his account and the balance is not paid, the amounts will be available for one year at Banco do Brasil. To retain the amount owed, it will be necessary to reschedule the credit on the BB Portal, at https://www.bb.com.br/irpf.

In addition, it is also possible to reschedule by phone, at 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-7290001 (other locations) and 0800-7290088 (a private phone exclusively for the hard of hearing).

If you do not receive the funds within 12 months, the amount will be returned to the tax authorities, and for a refund it will be necessary to apply on the e-CAC portal, the virtual service center of the Federal Revenue Service.

In this year 2022, Revenue has recorded at least 36 million account statements in its system. However, it should be noted that the refund will not be paid to everyone. There are taxpayers who have to pay taxes.

How to check the refund amount?

To see if the refund tax authority Available, the taxpayer must perform the following steps:

  1. First, access Federal Revenue Website;
  2. inform the CPF and date of birth;
  3. Click “My Income Tax”; And the
  4. Finally, click on Verify Refund.
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It is also possible to carry out the consultation through the application tax authority (Available for Android and iOS).

See what success is on the Internet: