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The Senate Extends Measure Ensuring Emergency Aid |  Economie

The Senate Extends Measure Ensuring Emergency Aid | Economie

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Posted on 07/05/2021 07:59 PM

Senate President Rodrigo Pacheco (DM-MG) extended the Provisional Action (MP) by 60 days, which sets out the rules for the new round of emergency aid, such as the amount, start date of payment and who is entitled to it. The law was published in the Federal Gazette on Friday, 7.

The new interest, according to the MP, has a record value of R $ 250, payable in four monthly installments. Emergency assistance for 2021 is limited to one person per household, with a woman headed by a parent entitled to R $ 375, while those who live alone receive R $ 150.

Families whose per capita income reaches half of the minimum wage and total monthly income of up to three minimum wages are entitled to assistance. For those who receive the Bolsa Família, the rule remains regarding the most beneficial amount that will be received between the new aid and emergency aid program.

According to the government, 45.6 million households are covered, with an investment of roughly R $ 43 billion from the federal budget.

Pacheco extended two other members of Parliament on this issue. One of them is MP 1,037 / 2021 which opens credit to the Ministry of Citizenship, in the amount of R $ 42.5 billion, to pay the benefit.

On the other hand, MP 1,038 / 2021 release exceptional credit of R $ 394 million to activate assistance. The remainder of this amount was earmarked for the payment of mandatory benefits for civil and military employees.