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the celebration of Paulinho’s return and the appreciation of the collective mark Corinthians behind the scenes; a look

Corinthians beat Sao Paulo last Sunday 2-1, winning a classic trophy again, their first in the 2023 season. As usual, after the match, the club released the behind-the-scenes video.

The video records moments before, during and after the ball is rolled and depicts the union between the two athletes. In addition, the happiness for Paulinho’s return is also evident.

Heavy preparation

The first moments of the video record Corinthians’ preparations since their arrival on the field. Alvinegro prepares in the locker room and then goes to the field. Meanwhile, Fernando Lazaro’s requests for “imposition on the field” are heard, as well as Fabio Santos’ speeches that victory is the only option.

Speak more, Master!

Before the team finally takes to the field, Lázaro says his final words to the representatives. The coach asks for unity and dedication, in addition to celebrating Paulinho’s return.

“It’s about time. Great stages, great artists. That’s what we came for. Paulinho, everyone, the staff, the group that helped come back… Your presence here makes us stronger as a group, with energy, everything. The challenges that life brings, for everyone We do not know the moments, as they are strengthened by the people at home and here, encourage us, from the strength, we have to be together. What distinguishes each one, chosen by life, is that the strong ones are different from the others, “said the coach.

In the hallway, more calls for unity and shouts of “let’s fucking compete” are highlighted.

Pure joy

After the match, general greetings are recorded on the field. Additionally, in the locker room, Lázaro can be seen individually congratulating the athletes, one by one, for the game they played. So the coach briefly talked about the match.

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“Congratulations to all. The game that must be played, presents itself, requires donation, the value of every drop of sweat. Congratulations,” he said.

Finally, Cassio asks to speak. The archer celebrates victory in the Classic, which has not happened for a while, and celebrates very much the return of Paulinho.

“We lost the ball, we split, we helped each other, that’s the spirit, that we show. Glad we broke the taboo, I was afraid we wouldn’t win the classic, we needed it, we were attentive, we strategize in search of victory. Happy with everything, but above all Paulinho, who was seriously injured, came back, there was never a day with an ugly face, his head down, then he will come back, I will come back well, there is no need to comment, we liked it, he always helps others, this is for him, who deserves a lot, “he finished. Jersey number 12.

Check out the behind the scenes video

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