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Neymar publishes a picture of the treatment on his right foot

Neymar’s injury “makes way” and restores hope for Cameroon

The first 48 hours after he injured his right ankle brought good news for Neymar. The Brazilian national team striker posted a picture of the area in an atmosphere of optimism, and it’s justified. Baraa wrote. Swelling at the site has subsided, as expected, and the No. 10, who will not face Switzerland on Monday, will hope to snatch Cameroon on Friday for the third round.

Cautious, the team’s medical department confirmed the absence in only one match, but due to the player’s history and desire to have him 100%, he also did not consider his presence in the second match. However, the manual therapy work of physiotherapists drained the edema well. In addition, Neymar is undergoing treatment with a compression boot that speeds up recovery.

After two days, the “ball” in the heel area, which is the ankle bone, was no longer in the picture. The wrinkled side of Neymar’s foot and still swollen plantar is exactly the handiwork effect of what doctors call the resolving edema. I mean, he gave up. Which naturally causes less pain in the area and allows the athlete to perform some movements.

The number 10 of the national team still does not participate in training with the ball. While the other players went to CT to continue their training, he stayed at the hotel for treatment. As well as lateral Danilo, who sprained his left ankle.

Neymar posts a photo of treatment with his right foot. Photo: reproduction / Instagram

Understand recovery

It usually takes 1 week to 10 days to recover from a sprained ankle. Since leaving the field of play, Neymar has been treated to the ice. On Friday he woke up with swelling at the site and went to Danilo’s side for an imaging scan, which found a collateral ligament injury. In Neymar’s case, there is still bone edema, an increase in inflammatory fluid within the bone of his right foot. These edemas are contained by the work of physiotherapy which has already begun.

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When there is a decrease in pain and swelling, selection specialists begin work to maintain range of motion, which includes assessing whether the athlete can tolerate rotation of the ankle in all directions. The complexity of this stage prevents, for example, Neymar from running normally, kicking the ball and using his right foot as a support base. If you achieve all of this, the next step is to strengthen the area’s muscles to release them for training and games. That is, the entire structure that supports the ankle is stable even with some pain, the number 10 can play with medication and protection of the area.