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New US envoy to El Salvador gains neutrality – international

Jean Manes, the new interim US trade official in El Salvador, has confirmed the neutrality of the country’s domestic policy, saying bilateral relations are going through tense moments.

“Know that the embassy is a neutral place that welcomes all members of the political spectrum, the private sector and the Salvador community and I want to continue this tradition,” he said when he arrived at Monsignor Scar International Airport. Arnulpo Romero in the south.

“The United States supports good governance that reflects the rule of law, the separation of powers, an independent and independent press, a stable civil society and a credible judiciary,” Manes said.

“All of these elements are fundamental to a strong and vibrant democracy. All of these efforts are fundamental to El Salvador’s progress and our cooperation,” said the ambassador who served as US ambassador to El Salvador between 2015 and 2019.

The United States on May 1 ousted the newly formed legislature, which was constrained by the situation, and on May 1 ousted a panel of judges and attorney general, provoking international outcry and opposition, and condemning the trampling on the separation of powers. .

After that, US Vice President Kamala Harris promised that Washington would “respond.” His government has already suspended cooperation with the police and the Information Access Agency and diverted these resources against corruption. Buckeye asked not to fund opposition groups.

Since leaving the United States, El Salvador has strengthened ties with China, with a $ 500 million cooperation agreement.

But this Tuesday Manes recalled the million-dollar cooperation his country provided in El Salvador, including the construction of 349 public schools in the country’s coastal region, including $ 737 million.

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It contributes to strengthening democracy and fighting disease.

Manes will be America’s best representative in El Salvador, replaced by Brendan O’Brien.

Following his departure, in January 2021, Ronald Douglas Johnson, the ambassador appointed by US President Donald Trump, did not name a successor to the government of Joe Biden.