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Russia says it is examining any US request for a cyber attack against JPS – 06/02/2021

Moscow, June 2, 2021 (AFP) – Russia on Wednesday said it was ready to analyze any request from Washington to help investigate a cyber attack on the US branch of Brazilian meat company JBS.

“There are contacts through diplomatic channels,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

“If there is any request from the Americans, it will be considered soon,” he added.

Peskov stressed that he expects the cybercrime issue to be on the table at the June 16 summit in Geneva between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden.

“It is very clear that the challenges in cybercrime and cyberspace will be on the agenda in one way or another,” he said.

JPS reported that the US government had been extorted by a cyber attack that originated in Russia and forced it to suspend part of its production operations in North America and Australia.

For its part, a spokesman said the White House was assisting JPS and that “the direct contact with the Russian government on this matter is sending the message that the countries responsible have not caught the ‘ransomware’ criminals.”

‘Ransomware’ is a scam that uses the security holes of a computer system to lock it and demand a ransom to restart it.

JPS, a Brazilian multinational company specializing in beef, pork and poultry products, operates in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

The attack on JPS came after another major cyber attack with a demand for a recovery that temporarily shut down the network of pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline, which supplies 45 percent of the fuel consumed on the east coast of the United States.

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The multi-day breakdown of the colonial pipeline triggered a shopping panic in some US states, which ended when the company paid $ 4.4 million to hackers to open their systems, the company admitted.

U.S. officials have blamed DarkSite, a Russian-based cybercrime group, Moscow has denied.

The JPS and Pipeline Colonial Incidents are attributed to a group backed by the Russian government following the cyber attack on the software company Solar Winds in 2020.

Last week, the group behind the cyber attack on Microsoft Solar Winds warned that it has resurfaced with a series of attacks on government agencies, research centers, consultants and other companies.

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