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Juliet hits back at Val Marchiori after saying the ex BBB isn't rich

Juliet hits back at Val Marchiori after saying the ex BBB isn’t rich

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07/07/2021 15h22update in 07/07/2021 16h46

JULIET Freire, heroBBB 21 ”, responded to a speech given by a socialite, Val Marchiore. In an interview with Mauricio Meirelles on his talk show, Marchiore was asked if a woman from Paraíba would be rich with a fortune estimated at R$5 million and she declared that she would not:

The rich are not, my dear right, just won the “big brother”, the rich. Is this rich? No, they don’t even give you a tiny apartment in the Gardens. omen Marchio

In the comments to the gossip profile on Instagram, Juliet refuted it: “Rich in values ​​and common sense. I had to fight to survive, to get an education or even to get a” BBB “, but to be more or less rich, today I’m fighting for evolution more every day.

last week, The former BBB celebrated two months of her victory over reality and posted a post thanking her fans.

She wrote, “The smile and silly face of someone who discovered two months ago that in addition to an award, she won a lot of love and affection. Thank you my people! You changed my life and I am so grateful for that,”

Juliet answers Val Marchiore

Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Val Marchiore’s answer

In a video shared this afternoon on Instagram, following Juliet’s comment, Val Marchuri claimed he was joking about Paraíba’s fortune During the program presented by Mauricio Meirelles.

“What I meant is that you’re not as rich as you deserve. You deserve to be my neighbor, you deserve the world. It was a joke,” the socialite explained.

The presenter emphasized that both are “rich in values”, because they understand the importance of work.

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