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New PIS/PASEP collection for April: see who will receive up to R $ 1.4 thousand!

New PIS/PASEP collection for April: see who will receive up to R $ 1.4 thousand!

Encouraging news for formal workers is the arrival of the new batch of PIS/PASEP, due on April 15 this year. This stage promises to reach a wider audience compared to previous batches, which represents a valuable opportunity for those who qualify under the stipulated criteria.

What are the criteria for obtaining PIS/PASEP in April?

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To qualify for the PIS/PASEP salary bonus in this round, you must have worked for at least 30 days under a formal contract in 2022, with earnings not exceeding the minimum wage per month. Workers born in March and April are on the list of beneficiaries, and can receive a maximum of R$1,400, proportional to the time worked in the past year.

How do you check your eligibility for April benefits?

The verification to check whether your name is on the list of beneficiaries of the April Bonus can be done quite simply. This ensures that interested parties are clear about their position regarding this financial support.

Step by step for PIS/PASEP online consultation:

  • Access the digital business card application and log in;
  • Go to the “Benefits” section;
  • Choose the “Salary Allowance” option;
  • Use the base year 2022 as a filter in your search;
  • Review the information provided, including approval, amount, and deposit date.

It is important to remember that private sector beneficiaries must contact Caixa Econômica Federal to make withdrawals, while public sector employees will be served by Banco do Brasil. The consultation process for both has been integrated, simplifying access to information about the allowance.

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Financial calendar and organization: what you need to know

Knowing the payment schedule is essential for financial planning, making it possible to predict when the amount will be released for withdrawal or transfer. Appointments are determined by each beneficiary’s birth month and extend until the end of the year, facilitating financial management for beneficiaries.

With the ease of online verification, workers can organize themselves more efficiently to utilize the salary bonus in the best way. This advantage represents a significant annual financial support for countless Brazilians, which makes it necessary to pay attention to the specific periods and criteria in order not to miss this opportunity.

Staying informed of PIS/PASEP rules and deadlines is crucial to ensure you do not miss this opportunity to increase your annual income. Use online platforms to check your status and organize receipt in a practical and optimized way.