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New MIPCOM series and sales

New MIPCOM series and sales

SMF دراسة study (Soyuzmultfilm) to launch a new animated series Coolics, based on the comic book by Russian publisher Bubble Comics, through MIPCOM. Creative Producer and Director of SMF Studio Alexandra Bezyeva, Bubble Editor-in-Chief Roman Kotkov, and one of the film’s screenwriters. Major Groom: Plague DoctorCreative Producer Evgeniy Eronin has created an original cartoon world where each character has separate stories. SMF Studio produced seven of the 11 minutes. episode so far, and plans to work on another 45 episodes.

Coolics is a 2D adventure comedy series for ages 6-8 about a team of young space academy students whose mission is to search for super powerful creatures on different planets to help protect the universe from the forces of evil. SMF notes that it is the first Russian animated series based on a comic book. “Together with Bubble, we have been trying to present a simple truth: being a superhero does not mean having superpowers. It is enough to be able to show kindness, courage, openness and concern for friends and the world around us. These are the core values ​​of our classic animated films: the continuity of generations is A special symbol for us on the 85th anniversary of the legendary film studio. Happy Yuliana Slashcheva, Chairman of the Board of Directors of SMF Studio.

monster entertainment Back to MIPCOM in person with a list of new titles to share:

  • Pasta and bread (13″ x 3″, Kids 4 – 12 years old) Cape Town production Polycat . Visual EffectsThis non-verbal series debuted on Tiktok, where it garnered millions of views. Follow the adventures of three friends, an wobbly cat named Noodle, a nervous pug named Bean, and a little mouse named Bun, who have to put the pack together as they explore the world around them, and learn that they have to work together to solve the problems that search.
  • Popsicles: the bear you can hug (52 x 11 inches, preschoolers 3-6). Produced using state-of-the-art CGI by an Irish company. the futureThis charming series celebrates the difference as it follows the adventures of Paddles, a polar bear who lives among a family of Irish hounds on the banks of the Shannon River. Season 1 completed 13″ x 11″ and available for canvas.
  • Perville Friends (26 x 7, kids ages 5-9) follows a group of bears who attend a school in Bearville. Produced in Denmark by short filmsSupported by YLE, the Danish Film Institute, the National Church School Service, SVT, the Danish Film Directors Association and the Danish Writers Association. This program deals, in a very friendly way, with topics that children may find difficult to talk about, as the bears learn that it is okay to feel sad sometimes and that everyone has to bear the burden.
  • things charlie interview (52 x 11 and 104 x 5, children 4 to 8 years old) Brazil production Penguin TV (From the Earth to the moon), the show follows Charlie, a goofy and funny sheep who interviews a variety of everyday objects, including a hot dog, a skateboard, and a snowman. This is a totally fun and original series full of surprises.
  • Once upon a time… my story (30 x 2.5, preschool 3-5) from Canada Half maki It starts with a very simple premise: children are invited to create a story on the spot and then that story is animated. This charming and honest series offers unique insight into how children see the world and act as a testament to the power of animation. It has already proven to be a popular series, having been released by Kids Street in the US and TFO in Canada.
  • Momo and Tulus (Ages 2-7) is a series of non-verbal antics produced by India Hooplakids. The main characters are two mischievous monsters from another dimension, whose attempts to understand aspects of everyday life lead to hilarious and unexpected results.
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pocket watch Announced its new partnership with toys and colors, Kids-loving YouTube channels with a total subscriber count of 65.4 million, an average of 1.5 billion monthly views, and 49.1 billion lifetime total views. The Asian-American cast includes young friends Wendy, Alex, Emma, ​​Janie, and Andrew, as well as a host of aunts and uncles known to the channel’s wide audience. The gaming and color content on YouTube, distributed in six different languages, helps children become more confident global citizens.

The partnership inspired Pocket.watch’s latest global franchise for kids and families kaleidoscope city, brought to life in an original series of live/animated events, consumer products, games, podcasts, live events and more. Kaleidoscope City is a magical world of color where children learn to see things from a new perspective. The franchise highlights the importance of diversity, diversity of perspectives, conflict management, and empathy. kaleidoscope city It will be released in the spring of 2022.

peacock Announced a set of two CGI/Live-Action preschool animated series, further expanding the content for children.

  • Macri (25 x 15′), co-commissioned with Sky Kids and Terrific Television, is a do-it-yourself series that teaches through play and inspires children to explore their imagination and creativity. Each themed episode inspires the presenter to lead viewers on an artistic adventure to create, bake and create. The ideas are exciting, yet simple enough to engage all ages. The Makery is a great place with a great personality, where the imagination can soar.
  • babble bob! (Produced by Dark Slope Studios, available December) Featuring a preschool dance-music series of 72 original songs and two-and-a-half minutes of children’s rhymes, delivered in half-hour themed sets. Heroes Lily, Hugo, Miguel, Izzie and Sam will spend the day moving, jumping and enjoying the amazing and engaging music. The series shows with a magnifying glass the little things in your life: eating snacks, getting dressed, drawing with crayons, looking at the clouds or cheerfully helping the parents (who are always there if they’re not in front of the camera). Could you.
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from Quebec production pressure Premiered the first teaser for the second season of the hit slapstick Cracké – family scramble, which will bring renewed visual style and new characters in episodes longer than 7 minutes to fans around the world in 2022. The first season, created by Patrick Beaulieu and Denis Doré, was broadcast in more than 210 countries and territories and racked up more than 500 million hits. on digital platforms.

Currently in production with Tele-Quebec and distributed by PGS Entertainment, S2 sees adorable ostrich father Ed chase his eight newborn children, full of energy and imagination. Although he always gets into crazy situations, Ed’s boundless ingenuity always keeps him out of trouble.

Small bytes for sales and expansion:

  • Leisure wallet She landed a slew of international deals on the hit list, including the first half-hour family Christmas sale. Where Oliver Fits: A Christmas Eve Story and short pants series Where fits Oliver (9 x 2,5′) A Children of discovery Latin america. Elementary hero (40 x 30) You will move to SIC (Portugal) and CTC (Russia). CTC also renewed S1-3 of the successful 2D series The Cat in the Hat knows a lot about this! (160 x 11′).
  • milo starting from Junior Planet NS fourth wall Continue to expand all over the world like ABC Kids And in Latin America in cartoon On HBO Max/Cartoon Network. The series has also been acquired by SVT (Sweden) and YLE (Finland). The original 52×11 preschool series appeared on Milkshake on Channel 5! (UK) in May.
  • Atlantica Entertainmentfrom Stilton Geronimo join pat pat On happy kids, Future Today’s premiere streaming platform for children and families. Starting in October, Season 1 (26 x 23) will be available on the platform in the US and UK. Inspired by the books of Elisabetta Demy, the series follows a journalist mouse as he and his family search the new Mouse Town for holes and travel on fantastic adventures around the world.
  • superiors signed an agreement with Nickelodeon International To announce your new catalog offer Anna and her friends (78 x 7): The first multi-regional agreement between the French company and Nickelodeon, which will bring special episodes to the territories of Asia Pacific (excluding mainland China), Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. Co-produced with Superprod, Digital Graphic Animation NS French TVs Using innovative CG animation techniques to create a handcrafted clay look, the series follows the daily adventures of six-year-old Anna and her group of friends, including Froga, the frog, pasture Ron, the cat, the confident Bobo the dog and the gullible Christopher the orangeworm. It will air in 2022.
  • Dandeloo Gained multiple sales of Annecy Cristal’s 2D preschool TV show Show Odyssey (26′), produced by Piccolo pictures. The beautiful address has found a home Children of discovery (Latin america), ZDF (Germany), opinion (Italy), NHK (Japan), Movestar (Spain), Periscoop (Holland), to jump! (Israel), Truecorp (Thailand), Momokids TV (Taiwan) and a South Korean educational broadcaster Electronically Controlled Brake System (EBS).
  • New entertainment was related to Amazon Kids + For all five seasons of his famous series Henry the Terrible (250 x 11′), now available. up to date, Henry the Terrible It has been sold to nearly 150 regions with stations on board around the world.
  • StudioCanal It sold three seasons of fun and exciting children’s series ester notebooks italian publisher opinion. Based on Riad Satouf’s books, the series is Canal +, Folimage, Les Films du Futur and Les Compagnons due Cinema for Channel +.
  • animaccord Expands your existing media agreement with Open Brazilian TV Network SBTfor a wide range of Masha and the Bear Channel S4 appeared from Masha songs in May and launches the new 4K UHD S5 on October 12, scheduled for Children’s Day in Brazil. SBT has renewed the rights to seasons 1-3 of the main show. funny kids (SBT Preschool Content App) will also offer full episodes for the first time.
  • Genius Brands International Announcing a new Spanish content service for kids, KC! in SpanishOn its platform, Cartoon Channel broadcasts! This news comes after the recent announcement of Cartoon Channel! Now available on Pluto TV.

Anna and her friends