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New body mesh could revolutionize cancer treatment

New body mesh could revolutionize cancer treatment

The search for cures, medicines and any kind of positive breakthroughs regarding cancer is ongoing all over the world. For this, researchers have been trying for decades to find all the details that comprise the complex functioning of the human organism. For this, there are three main pillars used even today: protein, genome and microbes.

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The genome is the part of the body that contains the DNA information of a person. In contrast, a protein is the group of proteins made by the genetic code in a human being. Meanwhile, microorganisms are the ecosystem of microorganisms that live inside every human being and that are essential to life. However, these factors do not appear to be unique and critical for resolving cancer.

With this in mind, many researchers have already begun to use a new information network about the human organism. In this sense, we are talking about the bioelectricity network, which has already earned the nickname “electrum”.

says a recent article by expert Sally Addy, author of the work We Are Electricity, from 2023.

A new electrical network in the body could help treat cancer

According to the specialist, electrification is necessary to understand the functioning of the entire human body. When there’s an inconsistency, Sally says it’s crucial to “fix it when something is wrong, whether it’s trauma, birth defects, or cancer.”

According to the information of scientists, the electroma will be a vast network of bioelectricity present in the body of animals and plants. Metallic elements such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, and others undergo chemical reactions that separate ions from their atoms. These are electrically charged particles that generate energy when they work inside the human body.

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The electric current is very small and generates about 70 millivolts. Disruption or reorganization of this system can affect the shedding or appearance of “faulty” cells, leading to cancer.

More in-depth studies on this topic are yet to be done to see how to progress in addressing the various challenges.