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Neto says Yuri Alberto 'did what he had to do', sends message to Willian and surprises with better goals at Corinthians Stadium

Neto says Yuri Alberto ‘did what he had to do’, sends message to Willian and surprises with better goals at Corinthians Stadium

A disillusioned forward scored a hat-trick to secure Corinthians’ ranking in the Copa de Brazil

a Corinthians She got an epic reaction, on Wednesday (17), and she’s in the semi-finals of Brazil Cup. At the Neo Química Arena, in the second leg of the quarter-finals, Timão needed at least three goals to eliminate Atlético jo And not only that, but they also overtook the opponent, winning by 4 to 1.

Corinthians idol, Neto made many comments about the match on his channel Youtube About the match, he spoke in particular about the performance of two characters: Victor Pereira and Yuri Alberto.

“As a commentator, I said Fausto Vera had to leave for the mosquitoes to come in. What did he do? Keep the same team. These Portuguese have a vision that we may have to learn. Now, the game is for Corinthians. What should i do now? “I keep the line of four, the defensive midfielders I protect and make Renato Augusto play with Yuri Alberto and Roger Geddes,” the former player said after Corinthians’ third goal.

“Yuri Alberto has been criticized by many people, including myself. But What he did today is what he has to do, it’s the striker’s obligation to be inside the area. He scored three goals, I don’t know how long the Corinthians striker scored three goals at the New Coimica Arena. I don’t know when Corinthians scored four goals. And those who thought Vitor Pereira should leave, he didn’t because he is a great coachAfter the fourth goal of the match.

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At the end of the match, Neto chose Yuri as the best player on the field for the three goals he scored. However, his wish was different. “For me, the best on the field was Vitor Pereira,” he noted.

After the second goal of the match, Neto still sent a message to someone who was out of the match. Let me record a video here. William, the great, wonderful William, there with us, a kiss to youWilliam.” Midfielder left Alfinegro last week due to issues off the field.