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Atltico considers switching to SAF in 2022

Photo: Advertising / Atletico

Atltico is considering switching to SAF in 2022 and wants a foreign investor

Atltico is considering switching to SAF (Sociedade Anima do Futebol) in 2022. The decision still needs approval from the trading board.

With the move to the club company, Atlético will be separated as a civil association – a social club – and a football division, led by the SAF.

The Gallo leaders’ intent is to sell the SAF to a “strong international group”. The information was provided by General Electric This is Wednesday (17/8).

According to the FA law, institutions must maintain at least 10% of the SAF. Any part above this percentage can be sold to an investor. Despite this, companies always seek to control the majority of clubs – at least 50.1% of the shares.

Although they do not own most of the stock, the civic associations have the ability to veto potential changes to headquarters, uniform color, anthem, and shield. The procedures are aimed at preserving the traditions and history of the clubs.

Without a specific investor, Atltico is preparing for negotiations. In June, Galo hired BTG Pactual and Ernst & Young for direct communication with interested parties and, accordingly, financial negotiations.

SAF Guidelines

According to SAF law, the club company must remit 20% of the revenue and 50% of any profits so that the club can repay the civil and labor debts incurred by the civil association prior to immigration.

a The model adopted by America, the traditional rival, the most satisfying Atlético. Although it did not close a partnership with an investor, Coelho became SAF in December 2021.