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Neto criticizes Sylvinho's options after the draw against Gremio and asks the Corinthians coach to leave

Neto criticizes Sylvinho’s options after the draw against Gremio and asks the Corinthians coach to leave

Corinthians’ tie with Grêmio did not satisfy one of Timão’s greatest artists. Former midfielder Neto, now presenter, highlighted that Sylvinho was unable to build a competitive squad even with reinforcements and asked the coach to leave.

during the program ball holdersGive Bandeirantes TV, Neto nominally questioned President Duilio Monteiro Alves and Director of Football Roberto de Andrade about Sylvinho remaining in the position. Timão’s idol has said he has “nothing against the coach”, but the former player is not responding.

“If you, Duelio, if you are Roberto de Andrade – who was a manager, you became president and now he’s a manager again, that’s impressive. And you don’t get paid. Just Alessandro. It’s admirable love. Will you keep Sylvinho as coach? I have nothing against Sylvinho, he is a good person, wonderful, humble, kind people, incredible. He was great with me, played with me, and won the Corinthians title. But you can’t be a coach for Corinthians“, He said.

Neto pointed out that the coach has a good team in his hands, but they could not do the good work that was expected with a team like the current one. Another point questioned by the idol of Alvenegro is the tactical choice and positioning of some players.

What you (Sylvinho) did yesterday shows that you can’t be (Corinthians coach). You have a very good team, but you make your team more or less. There is no point in eating good meat and grilling more or less. There is no point in owning a Ferrari and having no money for gas. not good. You can’t make the team play. I got behind the ball. Grêmio had a hard time, and they were playing with fear at all times.”

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Renato Augusto puts behind the wheel. He’s just Pele, he’s a monster, he’s a Brazilian national team player for the World Cup. He thought he had to move on. He only played well in Corinth at the age of eight. He’s already kicked him two or three times like this. I had already given a pass to Willian, who was the best player on the field. It was ace game. And you take the guy to put Luan’s. Go put Luan’s in the dreaded house. in the middleNeto completed.

Even with the draw, Corinthians confirmed their presence in the group stage of the 2022 Libertadores. Sylvinho’s side still have another game to finish the 2021 season. House.

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