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With a treble from Son, Tottenham crush Aston Villa and consolidate in G4 |  english football

With a treble from Son, Tottenham crush Aston Villa and consolidate in G4 | english football

With one more show by Son, spurs He won his fourth consecutive win in Premier League when hit Aston Villa 4-0 this Saturday in Birmingham. The South Korean scored three goals and finished second in the tournament’s top scorer behind Salah.

Tottenham opened the scoring early, in two minutes. Kane kicked from the edge of the area, the ball hit the mark and landed on Son’s left foot who kicked hard. The ball hit the right post of Emiliano Martinez and entered. The other three goals of victory came in the second stage only.

Son scored three goals in Tottenham’s win over Aston Villa (Photo: Molly Darlington/Reuters)

In the fourth, Loris kicked from the defensive end, Kane straightened his head, received Kulusevsky on the left and kicked across with his left hand. Son made his second goal of the match at the age of 20, after a cutie Romero football and Kane came across him. The South Korean shot free to close when Martinez was off.

The seventh jersey hat came at 25, in a good schedule with Kulusevsky. The Swede shot Sun, who finished from the borders of the area the first shot: 4 for 0. The South Korean scored 17 goals, three goals behind the top scorer Salah. There have been six goals in the last three games.

Right-back Emerson Royal started at spurs, Lucas Moura entered the second stage. Douglas Luiz and Philippe Coutinho have been selected as Aston Villa. The former Barcelona player performed well, especially in the first half, and almost equalized the match for Birmingham with a free kick.

The spurs He reaches 57 points and ensures he is in fourth place, ahead of Arsenal. The Aston Villa It reaches its fourth defeat in a row and remains in 12th place with 36 points.