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Neon triggers an extra credit card limit;  See how you get it

Neon triggers an extra credit card limit; See how you get it

In the past few days, Neon, a company that specializes in virtual financial services, has increased the credit card limit for many fintech clients. According to the information, additions range from R $ 300 and R $ 500 to R $ 1,000.

According to the company, the customer guarantees an increase in the limit by using the digital account frequently, in addition to maintaining a good relationship with the institution when the bills are properly paid.

What are the criteria for increasing the limit?

Neon usually does a credit analysis to give more limits by:

  • The movement and use of your account;
  • Income availability
  • Data related to CPF;
  • Balance between credit release risk, considered amount and other additions to the limit.

By following these rules, the digital bank grants a limit according to the profile of the requesting account holder, of a minimum of R $ 510.

How to increase the ceiling of a neon card?

For those who have not yet received an automatic maximum increase in the Neon credit card, a request for additional credit can be submitted as follows:

  1. Accessing the Neon app, on the “Card” icon;
  2. Once done, select the option “Credit” and “Settings”;
  3. Then choose the “Select” option. In this step, it is possible to change the amount of the available limit.

Like the credit card of most other digital banks, Neon Tool does not have an annual fee. There are no fees for transfers, or up to three withdrawals within 3 days. Additionally, there is a 95% return on CDI. Currently, fintech credit card is accepted in more than 30 million commercial establishments worldwide.

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