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Juliet wins a car that has yet to hit the stores

Juliet wins a car that has yet to hit the stores

Juliet was the big champion of older brother Brazil (BBB 21). And the prize of R $ 1.5 million isn’t the only makeup artist and lawyer she will take home. Sister also won a new SUV from Fiat, which was shown for the first time today at Reality show.

If he gets the prize soon and decides to keep the car, Juliet should stand out on the streets of Brazil for a long time. This is because the “Progetto 363”, the provisional name of the new car, will reach dealerships only in the second half.

The official launch hasn’t happened yet, just looks on reality Turns out. And even the name of the new compact SUV has not been determined: it will be chosen by the public in a popular vote in Hot site The company has created and was expecting the information. The carmaker’s Twitter is also voted on and there are three options available, already registered by Fiat: Pulse, Tuo and Domo.

Even without the official launch, much was already known about the new SUV from Fiat. Created as a kind of compact Argo hatch, using more than 90% of the platform. Changes in relation to the “ brother ” will be for the suspension, with greater ground clearance, part of the design: the front has headlights, a new hood and bumpers, while the rear has received a new trunk lid.

Mechanically there is a lot of news. a SUV cars Fiat will be responsible for introducing the new three-cylinder 1.0 turboflex engine. Power in Europe in gasoline is 120 hp. Here, with ethanol, you should hit 130 hp.

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This engine is the “younger brother” of the 1.3 turbocharged engine that debuted on the Fiat Toro and Jeep Compass In versions 2022. That is why it introduces the same innovations: dual fuses (from 6 volts to 12 volts), the Multair III system with single valve opening control and the integrated collector built into the block, for example.

For the 1.0 turboflex, the transmission will be the traditional six-speed automatic. In entry versions, the 1.3 engine will be naturally supple, it is already on the Argo and produces up to 109 hp and 14.2 million kg weight. However, an unprecedented event will come Automatic gearbox CVT – which will also be in the hatch, the Strada minivan and the Cronos sedan. Another option would be the five-speed manual.

In terms of technology, the new Fiat SUV will have independent emergency brakes at its disposal and should also have a lane reader, as does the Toro. These items will, of course, be limited to the more expensive versions.

Give Fiat Strada, The new SUV will receive E-Locker, a system that uses traction and stability control, and Brakes To transfer force between the wheels of the front axle in the event of a loss of ground contact.

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It will also offer the new Fiat Connect Me SUV, with Wi-Fi With 4G internet on board, as well as location, tracking and concierge functions. Finally, it provides access to vehicle telemetry – odometer, fuel level, and duration until the next repair.

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