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Need cash?  Nubank pays up to R$450 in paid search

Need cash? Nubank pays up to R$450 in paid search

financial technology nubank It is indeed one of the digital banks most used by Brazilians, whether for practicality, benefits or even without an annuity. In addition to this, the ease of opening an account in Fintech is also another attraction, as you do not have to pay any fees and they are available at any time.

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Thus, the organization usually runs many promotions and benefits to maintain its customer base and also to attract new users. Nubank strives to better understand its customers and understand what they expect from the bank Paid surveys between users.

With this, the customer must answer a few questions accurately, while being paid for his participation. However, this is not the first time the bank has taken this action. In 2022, the bank offered R$450 to anyone who wanted to answer an Income Tax (IR) survey.

Research driven Nubank

To participate in Nubank’s paid survey, you must have received an invitation to the survey in your e-mail registered with the bank’s application. Thus, the customer will respond to the pre-selection form provided by the bank itself, which will be necessary for the company to determine if it fits the required profile.

If appropriate, it will be necessary to answer a second, more in-depth and comprehensive questionnaire. In this way, money will only be provided to the user after completing the answers in the second form submitted.

After a break, Nubank has not yet reported if there will be any paid surveys in 2023. However, since it is annual, it is likely that the fintech will soon resume its paid surveys, with the aim of further improving its services offered.

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Finally, it is imperative that customers keep an eye on their email registered with the app, as there is no way to voluntarily opt-in to the survey. This is due to the invitation by Nubank itself, and it is necessary to accept it. Rewards in 2022 ranged from R$150 to R$450 per survey.