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Nathan, from Grêmio, is quoted by the bettors on Fluminense

Nathan, from Grêmio, is quoted by the bettors on Fluminense

Nathan, at a presentation for Grêmio (Photo: Lucas Uebel/Grêmio)

Midfielder Nathan, currently in Grêmio, was one of the players mentioned in the talks intercepted by Operation “Penalidade Máxima II”, by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO). The player, while still defending Fluminense, would have been paid R$35,000 in advance, prior to the match against Fortaleza, for the 2022 Brazilian Championship, only to be cautioned with a yellow card.

Gang records player payments and mentions midfielder Nathan (Picture: Disclosure)

The Goiás Public Prosecutor’s Office process shows a payment that was intended for the midfielder, on September 9, 2022, through an intermediary: Antonio Polidoro Jr. Polidoro is a former player and he is 26 years old. Formed in the primary categories of São Paulo, he played in the Paulista Championship A1 series of São Caetano, in 2020. Polidoro has already made headlines by dating celebrities like singers Jojo Todynho and Karol Conká.

A printout of the payment made to Polidoro Júnior, the player’s broker (Image: Disclosure)

Nathan did not fulfill what was agreed with the gamblers, as he was on the bench for the Fluminense match against Fortaleza, in Maracana, on September 10, 2022. The final amount of the agreement will be R$70,000.

Irritation with Fernando Diniz

The criminals were very upset by the decision of coach Fernando Diniz not to use the athlete in the investigated match: “Diniz made him crazy.” “I changed the team in the locker room.”

Betting that the midfielder will get a card in the match against Fortaleza (Picture: Disclosure)

During the game, Nathan is called out by the coach, who gives up putting the player on the field. Once again, the punters got mad at Deniz. “FDP turned back on”. Send Martinelli. “broke down”. “My technician fooled everyone.” “So poor player.” “This Denise is really crazy.”

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Conversation printouts still show players’ anger at the player for not fulfilling what was agreed upon. The man talked all week. “Who was the title holder?” “I’m trying to get him to call.” “But he’ll get in,” said one bettor angrily, “if you don’t have to pay.”

Grêmio and Nathan’s press office published official notes stating that the player confirms that they have received communication, but denies accepting the proposal or participating in any kind.

See full notes


Grêmio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense has informed the public that after a piece of news was published in the O Globo newspaper quoting the athlete Nathan Alan de Souza, he took the initiative to search for the player and asked for all clarifications related to his mention in Operation Maximum Penalty II.
Nathan informs the club’s management that he has been approached by recruits involved in sports betting, but he dismisses the approach, and at no time considers participating in game-fixing.
With the information available, Grêmio rejects bogus attempts to interfere with the justice of football and reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the transparency of the game and working proactively to raise the awareness of athletes, technical staff and staff, in order to prevent any misconduct in violation of FIFA and CBF regulations.

Finally, the club makes itself available to the responsible authorities in order to cooperate with the investigations.

Athletes’ press office

The athlete informs Nathan that the recent news about his involvement in the match-fixing case is unfounded. The athlete was searched for by recruiters, but he did not accept the proposals because of his professional ethics and seriousness in football. Nathan also notes that he supports any and all investigations so that those involved are held accountable and does not condone any kind of game- or outcome-fixing, as well as a lack of professional ethics. In this way, the player makes himself available to the authorities to cooperate in the investigations.

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