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More than 80 people have died due to extreme cold in the United States

More than 80 people have died due to extreme cold in the United States

The country has been experiencing a polar wave since January 12 (Photo: Reproduction, Social Media)

At least 80 people have died in the US since January 12 due to extreme cold, winter storms and freezing temperatures. Information is disseminated through reports from state officials, police departments, medical examiners, and news organizations.

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The number is likely to rise as North American officials and agencies are still collecting data on deaths caused by extreme cold, frozen roads and high winds. These events affect parts of the country that are not used to long periods of frost.

— Compiling this kind of information is very difficult because there is a lot of ambiguity. Much more research needs to be done to understand the exact impact of winter weather in the US, and I think this is a very important topic because we don't know the impact – Climate, Alan W. Black said. and meteorologist intensive classes at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.

In addition to cold-related illnesses, car accidents and falls, including falls from frozen areas, falling trees, and other accidents have been recorded. U.S. officials are urging people to use caution when turning on heaters and provide guidelines for health signs that could act as a warning of possible hypothermia.

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“Everyone, take time today to check on your family, friends and co-workers and make sure they are safe and warm,” Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear said in a statement Tuesday (19). .

Temperatures are expected to rise again across the country starting Monday (22), according to the National Weather Service in Maryland. Instead of cold and snow, heavy rain is likely in many areas, including East Texas and the lower Mississippi Valley. The west coast will also experience wet weather.

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