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Mom takes identical twins to the police station to find out who it was

An Argentine mother had to take her twin sons to the police to determine who it was. The suffering of Lorenzo and Valentin’s parents caused an international uproar when Sophie Rodriguez posted on Twitter on Thursday (2): “Tomorrow I have to go to the police so they can fingerprint my twins and tell me which one it is. I’ve already won Mother of the Year.” His tweet went viral, with over 15 million views.

Identical babies were born in January this year. According to the mother, the confusion started when she needed to remove her identification bracelets. “We used these different colored bracelets to identify them, but they got old and we had to cut them off. It was a day when they were sick and vomiting, and by the time we got dressed again, we didn’t know who it was anymore. We had already put new bracelets on their wrist, but we don’t know.” Who is Valentine and who is Lorenzo,” Sophie told ABC.

On March 15, the National Registry of Persons (Renaper), an agency of the Argentine Ministry of the Interior, went to the family’s home in San Francisco, Córdoba, and collected the children’s fingerprints to compare them with biometric data collected at birth. . This is what put an end to the suffering of the parents, who now know who is Lorenzo and who is Valentine. Indeed, despite the confusion, they confirmed that each one of them really believed.

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