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Minions 2: The Origin of Gru presents the villain's project since childhood - Culture

Minions 2: The Origin of Gru presents the villain’s project since childhood – Culture

“Minions 2: The Origin of Gru” brings back hopscotch during school holidays (Photo: Global / Disclosure)

Nearly five years since Gru’s role in Despicable Me 3, a new Studio Illumination adventure, directed by veteran producer Chris Meledandre, explores the colorful past of the somewhat grumpy hero. The events of the seventies revolve around the movie “Minions 2: The Origin of Gru”, which will be shown for the first time on Thursday (30/6) in cinemas in Bahrain.

At the age of eleven, Gru, still in the pivetinho version, had made his first contact with the “Potato Monkey”, that is, the disciples. On the school bench, while his classmates are encouraged to be doctors, Gru reveals his desire to be a “supervillain.” The password to get there is uttered “You’re no good”, a phrase that must be said before meeting (secret) Gru to fill the vacancy in gangster group Sexteto Sinistro.

Almost trained a character from the movie “Minions 2”

By the way, “You are not good”, along with the hit songs “Born to be live”, “Keep it comin’love” and “Goodbye to love”, which is part of the last clip signed by producer Jacques Antonoff. The musical elements are so numerous that they include torture (from songs), encrypted messages on discs played in reverse, and secrets in audio booths in sales departments.

At the age of a villain, Willy Cobra is sabotaged by the so-called “next generation” of fellow villains and becomes little more than an idol for Gru. There is a plot weight for cases of separation and occupational separation, which the script easily criticizes.

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In the film directed by Kyle Balda and co-directed by Brad Abelson (“The Simpsons”) and Jonathan Del Val (“Pets: The Secret Lives of Animals”), idolatry is an auto dealership. The indifferent puppy mother puts all her chips in her excessive admiration for a new teacher, framed in seventies behaviour.

Treating Gru as a small relative, naive and unprepared followers can mock even a pseudo-funeral chorus. At the beginning of the plot, they appear in the form of an army, like golden fighters in uniform.

Furthermore, the Yellows learn kung fu, after they receive instructions from the demanding master who awakens the “inner beast” of each one. But the movie loses a lot of its fun when the minions turn into chickens, goats and chickens.

Young yellow servants in San Francisco

Since they are minions, minions like Stuart, Kevin, and Bob try, at all costs, to prove their ultimate loyalty to Master Gru. Friends accumulate small disasters and blunders in their quest to rid the face of Miniboss. Most of the action is centered in San Francisco.

Flipping through a flight guide at the last minute, the sinister version of the minions running inexperienced, the flight to San Francisco steals the show, to the sound of Strauss’ waltz music. At the sabotage base, one pilot is sleeping (due to the autopilot facility), another suffers from motion sickness due to the effects of gravity, and the third sends peanuts to passengers.

Check out the super crazy flight of the minions:

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Allied with the Trio of Disciples, a confused Otto holds a gem (the famous Zodaco stone) that awakens a quintet of villains led by Donna Disco, who collect criminals Irm Chaco, Fist of Ao, Svengana, and Jean Garra.

Little by little, Gru’s light-hearted behaviors, which include eating ice cream in front of a hard workout, intensify. The question remains: will he complete the cycle that makes him a formidable defender of evil?

“Minion 2: The Origin of the GRU”

USA, 2022, 94 min. Written by Kyle Balda and Brad Abelson. animation. An 11-year-old dreams of becoming a super villain. Featured on Cinemark and Cineart Networks.