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The "Sunday at the Museum" project will have Jhê Delacroix and Thiago Amud, with free entry

The “Sunday at the Museum” project will have Jhê Delacroix and Thiago Amud, with free entry

The second show of the 2022 season of the “Música no Museu da Pampulha” project will take place on Sunday at 11 am, with a repertoire of Cape Verdean music to new avant-garde MPB music, from reinterpretations of brega and pagode to storytelling. for kids.

On stage will be Jhê Delacroix, on vocals and performance, and Thiago Amud, on guitar and music direction. The show was born out of the dialogues of Delacroix, singer, songwriter and ballad, former vocalist of the blocks Me Beija Que Eu Sou Pagodeiro and Morerê.

Imagined as a fairytale, Macro J has eight original songs in its repertoire that will be part of the artist’s debut single album, “KRIOL”, and three of them on Cape Verdean Creole, the result of her project with Paulim Sartori; and three other compositions by artists of the new and new generation, such as Sergio Ricciardo, Lucas Felipe and Thiago Amod – and the latter is a composer, arranger, guitarist and partner of names such as Jenga, Sergio Assaad and Zee Paulo Becker.

Filled with eclecticism, Brazilian and experimental, Jhê’s show, the first female singer to win the Mestre Jonas Marchinhas contest, in Belo Horizonte, twice (2017 and 2018), rescues the MPB’s peak sound. The 1970s, and while remaining alive and powerful in the work of countless national artists, it occupies a supporting role in the Brazilian cultural scene.

“Macro-Jhê” – with Jhê Delacroix and Thiago Amud, this Sunday at 11 am, at the Casa Kubistchek Museum (Av. Otacílio Negrão de Lima, 4188, Pampulha). Free access, with ticket collection through the Sympla platform