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Mice destroy crops, cause fires and wreak havoc on millionaire;  Watch videos

Mice destroy crops, cause fires and wreak havoc on millionaire; Watch videos

Mice are in farms, silos, machinery, barns and even indoors. This is an alarming scenario that many farmers in southeastern Australia face. Last week, an outbreak of domestic mice spread across the region causing concern for the production sector and public health.

In the videos circulating online, the images can cause chills even those with a “strong stomach”. In one of the movies, you can see hundreds of rodents emerging from a harvester. “It looks like a string of mice,” commented a netizen on a social network. Elsewhere, the floor of the container has become practically unstable due to the number of mice.

The local government stated that the situation has worsened after a long period of drought. With the restoration of farms, the return of moisture in the soil, and the lack of natural predators, the rats began to multiply rapidly.

According to The Guardian, the plague has already caused millions of dollars in losses to producers, prompting the government to create a $ 50 million emergency aid package. In addition, the country’s Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack, announced that the responsible authorities will start distributing chemical toxins to the producers completely free of charge to combat the invasions and preserve the remaining crop of some crops.

With the crisis showing no signs of abating, some farmers are avoiding growing winter crops for fear that the newly planted seeds and ripe grains will spoil.

In early May, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) granted an emergency use license to allow farmers to cover a portion of property sites with double strength zinc phosphate. In the city, residents have been instructed to fix holes in their homes with steel wool, to close doors and properly dispose of food debris.

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Even mice cause a fire

Photo: News.com.au

Last Friday, 21, in the Australian city of New South Wales, a mother and three children were left homeless after rats destroyed their home wires, causing a fire in the area.

“Fortunately, my children came out unharmed and were standing in the front yard when I arrived at the scene,” Ward said. According to the local newspaper website News.com.auWhen they arrived at the scene to put out the flames, the firefighting crew reported seeing mice throw themselves out of the window, in a desperate attempt to escape from the flames.

Health risks

According to the Ministry of Health, mice carry more than 35 infectious diseases to humans and animals. The most common are leptospirosis, bubonic plague, typhus, salmonellosis, and hantavirus.