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A giant tortoise considered extinct 100 years ago has been found alive in the Galapagos Islands

After genetic analysis, Ecuador confirmed that the animal belonged to the species Chelonoidis phantasticus, which had not been seen since 1906.

Twitter clone GustavoManriq_MThe giant tortoise was seen two years ago on Fernandina Island, but its species is only confirmed now.

a Ecuador Confirmed, Wednesday, 26, the discovery of a female giant turtle of the type Chelonoidis phantasticus No Galapagos National Park. After the announcement, an expedition began preparing to search for more samples of this animal, which biologists believe was extinct a century ago. The giant tortoise in question was seen two years ago on Fernandina Island, but its species was confirmed this year only by scientists at Yale University, who conducted a study comparing the animal’s DNA found in 2019 with the genetic material stored in 1906. This was celebrated. The discovery was made by the Minister of the Environment, Gustavo Manrique, through his Twitter profile, who wrote: “Hope is safe.” The director of the Galapagos National Park, Danny Rueda, said that modernity “undoubtedly renews our hope of restoring” the genre. Over time, populations of giant turtles have been devastated by volcanic eruptions as well as by human hunting.